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May 26, 2018 at 12:30 PM
Aug 23, 2005
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Oct 13, 1983 (Age: 34)
Puerto Rico
Xerox Tech Support


Arcane, Mudcrab, 34, from Puerto Rico

DQ 11 coming to Steam with new Hard Mode difficulty I came so hard reading that my hips are still shuddering Mar 28, 2018

aweigh was last seen:
Viewing thread RPG Codex Review: Dungeon Rats, May 26, 2018 at 12:30 PM
    1. Kyl Von Kull
      Kyl Von Kull
      Dude, have you been watching Megalobox? Two thumbs up.
    2. CyberWhale
      Thank you for the Dogge Remix of Toto - Arfrica. Found out there is a whole movement that creates songs. Best shite ever.
      1. Jacob, Mañjuśrī and aweigh brofisted this.
    3. flabbyjack
      Thank you so much for your valuable contributions to the majesty and prestige of this website.
      1. Dreed brofisted this.
    4. Sigourn
      I admire your love for New Vegas.
    5. asfasdf
      Hey you weirdo
    6. Chad J. Thundercock
      Chad J. Thundercock
      super stureeto fita VI omega super arcade edition GOTY
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Chad J. Thundercock
        Chad J. Thundercock
        SF isn't too bad but crapcum is retarded and knows how to fuck up games & well known gaming brands in new and innovative ways.
        Mar 30, 2018
      3. CptMace
        isn't this a trend among sf ? even numbered titles being good and odd numbered ones being trash ?
        Mar 30, 2018
      4. Modron
        super stureeto fita VI omega super arcade edition GOTY 30th anniversary edition.
        Mar 31, 2018
    7. aweigh
      DQ 11 coming to Steam with new Hard Mode difficulty I came so hard reading that my hips are still shuddering
      1. Okagron
        Yeah, definitely looking forward to it. Just read on the wiki that the 3DS version will not get localized outside of Japan. That sucks.
        Mar 28, 2018
    8. Necron
      Need some help.....
    9. AW8
      Away, away, away arrival! Away, away await. The coming of aweigh must surely hold some weight. But alas! He was burned at the stake on behest of AW8.
      1. aweigh brofisted this.
    10. newtmonkey
      I was reading through all the Japanese blobber threads this week. You had a rant in one about how perfect wireframe graphics are to represent a dungeon. It has really stuck with me and I have to admit... after a short while of playing Wiz 1 (PC), everything around me in the real world sort of fades away.
      1. aweigh and Pipemen brofisted this.
    11. Sigourn
      ¿Cómo te trata el huracán?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. aweigh
        (And obviously) by a fucking miracle the DSL connection isn't down! I bet I just jinxed it.
        Sep 20, 2017
      3. aweigh
        Gonna spend the gas remaining inside the generator on playing DARK SOULS 3. I wanted to play something "graphics pretty but good" ever since I bought my new PC and (not a joke this...) just when I finished installing Dark Souls 3 earlier: BOOM the power went out.
        Sep 20, 2017
      4. Sigourn
        Sucks to hear that bro, hope everything turns out well for you. I find it annoying watching the local weather guy travelling all over the place just to see the hurricanes and enjoying it, never mind the people who can't freely go wherever they please and have to live through it.
        Sep 20, 2017
    12. Fin
      Do you play jap fap dungeon crawlers becuz its a way to deal with the depression fom tha divorce?
      1. aweigh
        Yep! 100%

        not even joking :)

        (but also FIGHTING GAMES remember)
        Jul 3, 2017
        an Administrator brofisted this.
    13. Sigourn
      aweigh, estás ahí?
      1. ManjuShri brofisted this.
    14. Grauken
      Hey aweigh, have you considered doing a review for Felipe Pepe's massive cRPG Handbook? Nobody has written a review for Wizardry 1 (incl. mentioning W2+W3) yet, and you seem one of the most knowledgeable persons on the Codex who knows what makes those early Wizardry games special.
      1. CryptRat, Dreed and ManjuShri brofisted this.
    15. Gunnar
      Reject cuckery and accept the God Emperor into your heart.
      1. CyberWhale and Kalin brofisted this.
    16. CyberWhale
      Long Live Wizardry doesn't have long-living images.
    17. Sigourn
      ¿Hablás japonés? Creo que no te había preguntado.
    18. NeoKino
      Thank you for Correcting the Record!
      1. Maggot brofisted this.
    19. aweigh
      The thunderbolt of Jove, the spear of Woden, are in the barbed point of his tail. His huge wings—
      1. aweigh
        bat-like and spiked—sum up all the mysteries of extinct harpies and vampires.
        Jan 21, 2017
      2. aweigh
        Spine of crocodile is on his neck, tail of the serpent and all the jagged ridges of rocks and sharp thorns of jungles bristle round him, while the ice of glaciers and brassy glitter of sunstrokes are in his scales.
        Jan 21, 2017
      3. aweigh
        He is ideal of all that is hard, destructive, perilous, loathsome, horrible in nature; every detail of him has been seen through and vanquished by man, here or there; but in selection and combination they rise again as principles, and conspire to form one great generalisation of the forms of pain, the sum of every creature's worst. - Chimerical Creatures of the Dragon and Serpentkind, 1909.
        Jan 21, 2017
        Courtier brofisted this.
    20. Gamerhenky
    21. Ellef
      Do you, or any loved ones, have to go back?
      1. Accept and Irenaeus brofisted this.
      2. aweigh
        i'm a us citizen ellef
        Jan 19, 2017
      3. an Administrator
        Jan 19, 2017
    22. Gunnar
      What's your problem with Trump, blobber bro?
      1. aweigh
        was a momentary moment of butthurt.

        codex has always been about RPGs only for me, and i never have had any desire to talk politics with anyone here.

        will continue to maintain this thought process.
        Jan 19, 2017
    23. Mustawd
      ( ;゚д゚)
    24. aweigh
      Just finished watching Pitch Perfect and loved it come at me
      1. Ed123
        Dec 11, 2016
    25. aweigh
      chasing dat fucking leprechaun inside Guatella Grotto right now... i am perversely really enjoying it.
      1. Courtier brofisted this.
      2. Lhynn
        *Rates his post informative*
        Oct 23, 2016
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    Oct 13, 1983 (Age: 34)
    Puerto Rico
    Xerox Tech Support

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