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In Progress Hatoful Boyfriend: I want to be a Pigeon!

Discussion in 'Codex Playground' started by LundB, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. LundB Mistakes were made.

    Jan 2, 2012
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    In this update, RK47 visits a haunted house, debates about the Japanese educational system, finds out an unexpected person is famous, and does some social climbing.

    But first, she decides to go home instead of helping out her teacher.

    [​IMG]: Oh? Have fun! I'll see you tomorrow.

    ED: Much better choice this time around, RK47-chan.

    [​IMG]: ...zzzzzz.
    [​IMG]: SIR!!
    [​IMG]: Oh! Hello, RK47. Did you forget to turn in your homework...?
    [​IMG]: I found someone's ID card, sir. It's someone from 2-2... I thought I should take it here.
    [​IMG]: Oh? Thank you, RK47, I can take care of it... huh?
    [​IMG]: What is it?
    [​IMG]: Nothing, just... you did find this today, right, RK47?
    [​IMG]: Yes. In the corridor just outside...
    [​IMG]: This student has been absent since the middle of June... how strange.

    So then, was the card lying there all summer? Nobirdie noticed it? It's awfully clean, though... shouldn't it at least be dusty?

    [​IMG]: Anyway, I'll take care of it. Thank you, RK47.

    ED: Another elective day, another music class.

    RK47 Leveled Up! Charisma increased by 5!

    [​IMG]: We'll start looking at some new formulas next time, so try to read ahead, okay?
    [​IMG]: Hmph. The lassitude of Japan's educational system never ceases to amaze me.
    [​IMG]: You don't like mister Nanaki's classes, Sakuya?
    [​IMG]: What do you think? And I'm not just talking about the math. Not only is attendance at this school mandatory, but everything it covers is infantile. It bores me to tears.
    [​IMG]: Hey, at least mister Nanaki won't chew you out for snoozing in class, right?
    [​IMG]: I don't think that's the issue here, Ryouta...
    [​IMG]: Look at Okosan! He conked out as soon as we took attendance.
    [​IMG]: Coo... (zzz...)
    [​IMG]: Exactly! These pathetic teaching practices destroy the students' motivation and interest. No wonder nobirdie takes school seriously.
    [​IMG]: But isn't mister Nanaki a big name in science? I mean, I'm not really that well informed, but... I don't think it's very nice to go around piddling on him, Sakuya...
    [​IMG]: We know his capabilities as a teacher quite well, RK47. Do you mean to say that we should respect and obey him simply because he is a teacher? His fame is merely on the national level, anyway.

    ED: For a scientist, being well known even to high school students is impressive, even at the national level. Nanaki must be a pretty smart bird underneath the narcolepsy.

    [​IMG]: The only world-renowned professor here would be doctor Iwamine.

    ED: :what: Fat Doctor, our former lover and murderer, is world-famous!?

    [​IMG]: Eh!? The doctor is that well-known!?
    [​IMG]: I never heard about that.
    [​IMG]: Cooooooo...! (It is Okosan's pudding...! ...zzz...)
    [​IMG]: I am surrounded by ignoramuses and fools...! He is one of the world's greatest authorities on pathology. His name is known the world over. Anyway, Nanaki does not even come close.

    ED: Well, when you don't let the ethics of human/avian experimentation stand in your way, you can get some serious science done. Perhaps his 'experiments' weren't just an excuse for murder, and actually have caused major breakthroughs.

    I never knew the doctor was that famous... But then, why's he working as the doctor for a highschool? Even if it is a prestigious one.


    Isn't 2-4 doing a haunted house? I'm well known for my reckless nature, so maybe I'll go and scream a little bit. I think... Sakuya's free today, too, isn't he? Maybe I should invite him along?

    ED: I don't want to get terminated by agents of the Hawk Party again, so RK47's taking Sakuya, no question.

    [​IMG]: Sakuya!
    [​IMG]: Do you need something?
    [​IMG]: You're free today, right? Want to go look at 2-4's haunted house?
    [​IMG]: Haunted house? A waste of time. Nothing but a foolish charade of commoners, by commoners, and for commoners.
    [​IMG]: How do you know if you don't go? And besides, isn't keeping an eye on the unwashed masses part of a noblebird's job?
    [​IMG]: Erp... I suppose it might have some value. Since I have no other pressing matters to which I must attend, I shall accompany you.
    [​IMG]: A haunted mansion!
    [​IMG]: What on earth is that? Will we be attacked by hostile ninjas?
    [​IMG]: Nooo! That would be a ninja mansion.
    [​IMG]: ...but my nurse told me that any mansion is bound to have ninjas lying in wait inside.
    [​IMG]: It's like a tiny theme park! With a ghost theme! Hence, 'haunted'!
    [​IMG]: How foolish. No doubt it has nothing but tricks to scare mere children. We shall enter.
    [​IMG]: Oh! Hey, wait!

    [​IMG]: I-I can't see! Why is it dark in here!?
    [​IMG]: Oh, right... you can't see in the dark, can you?

    ED: Hominid supremacy! :smug:

    [​IMG]: Aaaaaagh! I-I stepped on somehting nasty!

    [hitting noise]

    [​IMG]: N-no! Stop! Unhand me, knave! Aaaagh! AAAAIIIEEEEEEEEE!

    ED: Rape ghosts?

    [​IMG]: Sakuya, calm down! Noooo! You're not supposed to kick the poor ghosts!

    [sounds of deadly combat]

    [​IMG]: Let me goooooooooooo!


    ...I've never seen him this worked up before. Anyway, I'm glad he enjoyed it... I think?


    Solo tests always make me nervous, but they can be fun, too. I sang well today! We have physics next, right?

    [​IMG]: ...huh?

    Sakuya is standing in the music room, staring at the instrument rack.

    [​IMG]: What's wrong, Sakuya?
    [​IMG]: What... do you think of the arts, miss RK47?
    [​IMG]: The arts...?

    Where did that come from?

    [​IMG]: Surely one such as yourself has an opinion of some kind What do you think of the arts?
    [​IMG]: Umm, well... I'm not really sure it's something I could put into words, just like that.
    [​IMG]: Dostoyevsky once said that an artist is a man who turns his ear inwards, and writes down with zeal what he hears... such a common idea.

    He looks angst-ridden.

    ED: NO. NO ANGST. There's a reason we're dating pigeons, not cripples, RK47-chan.

    I wonder if something happened...?


    Music: Mystery Piano

    [​IMG]: Hmm...?

    I can hear somebirdie playing the piano in the music room at the end of the hall. Who...?



    I recognize him. It's...

    [​IMG]: Sakuya...?
    [​IMG]: ! How long have you been there? Were you spying on me? How unpleasant.
    [​IMG]: No! I just came over here. It sounded beautiful... I never knew you could play! I'm amazed you can practice and still study enough to get such good grades, Sakuya.
    [​IMG]: Of course. A noble must be versed in all fields! Though I doubt one such as you can understand the art.
    [​IMG]: It sounded wonderful.
    [​IMG]: ...hmph.
    [​IMG]: Oh! I'm distracting you. Sorry! I'll go now, so don't mind me.
    [​IMG]: ...RK47.
    [​IMG]: Huh?
    [​IMG]: What do you love?

    ED: Crippled girls. Preferably blond, blind, and tolerant of serious inanity and idiocy.

    [​IMG]: ...why this all of a sudden?
    [​IMG]: Tell me.
    [​IMG]: Hmm... udon, I guess.
    [​IMG]: Udon? Truly?
    [​IMG]: Yup! I eat it every day.
    [​IMG]: I see... I see. Thank you.
    [​IMG]: ? Okay... bye, Sakuya.

    And so I left him sitting deep in thought. What was that all about?


    Oh, I got a letter. In a fancy envelope! Who's it from...?

    “We are holding a Christmas party at the Le Bel mansion on the twenty-fourth of this month. You are invited. Be honored.” --Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane

    Yaaay! I got a heartwarming invitation! My family's Buddhist, so I hadn't had anything planned... I might as well go, right?


    ED: A party in a mansion? We're moving up in the world, RK47-chan!

    [​IMG]: Hohoho! What do you think, RK47? Normally a commoner such as yourself would never set foot in here.
    [​IMG]: I-it's amazing, Sakuya...!

    This whole thing is far removed from my own uncultured, stone-age lifestyle. I feel a little nervous!

    [​IMG]: Do you have a party like this every year?
    [​IMG]: Every year? Don't be absurd! We have one every month. Creating a habitat for social discourse is a noble's duty, after all.
    [​IMG]: That seems a little tiresome...
    [​IMG]: Are you feeling overwhelemed already? Poor, foolish commo--

    [crashing noises]

    [​IMG]: Coooo!!!!


    [​IMG]: Coooo! (This establishment lacks pudding!)
    [​IMG]: Oko, you mangy dog! Why are you here!? I never invited you!
    [​IMG]: Cooooo! (Okosan sensed a feast, and came in through the window! But there is no pudding!)
    [​IMG]: I wouldn't give any to you even if I did have some! Confound you, you genetic throwback!

    Okosan's going to go berserk, at this rate.


    So, do we let Okosan wreck the party?
    Or do we use our brute hunter-gatherer strength to put an end to his disruptive search for pudding?
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  2. Edward_R_Murrow Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    Apr 4, 2007
    Stop him in the name of all that is monocled.
    ^ Top  
  3. GarfunkeL Racism Expert

    Nov 7, 2008
    Insert clever insult here
    Beat the crap out of pudding-bird.
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  4. IronicNeurotic Arbiter

    Dec 2, 2010
    No, I was in a rush for a while after I've read the other let's play and looking back at it, it is getting annoying and the point came across long ago.

    Will shut up now. (Apart from participating in the C&C)
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  5. Radisshu Liturgist

    Jul 16, 2007
    Stop that pudding-fucker
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  6. LundB Mistakes were made.

    Jan 2, 2012
    In this update, RK47 deals with somebirdie's indecision and angst. I already miss the brutal slayings and cannibalism.


    [punching noise]


    [pigeon-tossing noise]

    [​IMG]: Coooo...!
    [​IMG]: I am grateful to you, RK47. Now we can have our party in peace, with only worthy company.
    [​IMG]: No need to thank me!
    [​IMG]: I would hire you as a bodyguard if ever you so desired.

    ED: We have higher ambitions than that, don't we RK47?

    [​IMG]: Umm...

    ED: Well, a noblebird would not settle for less than the most expensive beans, so we're going with Racing Blend.

    [​IMG]: Sakuya!
    [​IMG]: I am busy. May I ask you not to waste too much of my time?
    [​IMG]: This will only take a minute! I have something for you. Here!
    [​IMG]: What are these?
    [​IMG]: It's a pricey blend of beans! I know you like expensive things.
    [​IMG]: That is not what I meant. Why are you giving me beans?
    [​IMG]: It's Legumentine's!
    [​IMG]: And what is that?

    What planet are you from, anyway!?

    [​IMG]: It's a holiday where girls are supposed to give beans to the boys they like.
    [​IMG]: Wh...what...!?
    [​IMG]: Don't look so disturbed, geez! I gave you those. Will you accept them, Sakuya?
    [​IMG]: Hrrm... these beans seem somewhat cheap for their illustrious recipient but... since you ask it, I will not refuse them.

    ED: "S-since it's you... it's ok"

    [​IMG]: Really? Yaaay!
    [​IMG]: ...what did you mean by 'like'?
    [​IMG]: ?
    [​IMG]: I am asking what you meant by 'the boys they like'.
    [​IMG]: Umm... exactly what I said! No matter what I'm doing or where I am, your beautiful plumage always comes to mind, Sakuya.
    [​IMG]: Umm.
    [​IMG]: Anyway, here! I hope we can continue to get along.
    [​IMG]: ...indeed.

    He glances at the beans, and then at me, and then wordlessly leaves. I'm glad he liked them! He did like them, right?


    I'm starting to think I should build a wall, or maybe dig myself a new bedroom. With this kind of weather, some birds are even collapsing in the street... Hey, wait... Isn't that one Sakuya!?

    [​IMG]: S-Sakuya? What's wrong!?


    ED: NO! You can't let him see firsthand the filth you live in RK47! It might impede our plans!

    Wandering around and collapsing in the street at this time of night doesn't seem like customary practice for an aristocrat. What's happened, Sakuya? Don't tell me your family has fallen from high society...

    ED: If it has, ditch him and find a new source of money and social standing.

    [​IMG]: What happened?
    [​IMG]: I shall not say.
    [​IMG]: Eeeeeh? What were you doing wandering around in the wilderness, then?
    [​IMG]: I was not wandering. I was on my way here! Be honored.

    Oh, so this isn't a coincidence, after all.

    [​IMG]: Did you want something from me, then?
    [​IMG]: No. Don't flatter yourself.

    ED: "I-it's not like I like you or a-anything. Don't get the wrong idea!"

    [​IMG]: Eeeeeeeeeeh? Umm... should we call your family, or something?
    [​IMG]: No!
    [​IMG]: !?

    He looks really angry!

    [​IMG]: Listen... don't... you dare... Don't you dare call my house.
    [​IMG]: Sakuya, did you... run away from home...?
    [​IMG]: That sounds bad. No, I simply left of my own volition.


    [​IMG]: Isn't that the same thing...?
    [​IMG]: ......


    [​IMG]: What happened, Sakuya?
    [​IMG]: ...RK47. Do you remember when we talked in the music room, at school? Last fall.
    [​IMG]: Yes. What about it?
    [​IMG]: Do you remember what I asked you then?


    ED: Oh I remember just fine, and so will you, RK47-chan. The Hawk Party isn't going to get us this time!

    [​IMG]: You asked me what I loved.
    [​IMG]: That's right. And you... gave a simple, honest answer right away.

    ED: It was simple all right.

    [​IMG]: And that...
    [​IMG]: That...?
    [​IMG]: That made me jealous.

    Did I mishear? That's the last thing I'd have expected from him, of all people.

    [​IMG]: I don't understand, Sakuya. Why?
    [​IMG]: I... I'm one of the few, of the pure bloodline. I am ranked higher than any of my siblings. I have been slated to become the next family head since birth. There is no reason I shouldn't be. But...
    [​IMG]: You don't want to take your father's place...?

    ED: ABORT MISSION! We need him to take over the family if our plans are to come to fruition!

    [​IMG]: H-how did you know that!?
    [​IMG]: It's obvious... it's written all over your face.
    [​IMG]: I... love music. But my father does not approve. When I was young, I owned a number of instruments. But he had them all thrown away, and told me why.
    [​IMG]: Art is not our realm. The joy of creation is the domain of peasants. Our role is to be patrons and promoters of the artists we admire – not to be artists ourselves. We guide the world with an invisible hand, but it is the role of the masses to perform the actions we can merely dictate. A noble who sows his own wheat is nothing but a fool.
    [​IMG]: That's not true! I think anyone who can play music should be encouraged, no matter who their parents are.

    ED: RK47-chan, you stupid girl.

    [​IMG]: That's because you think with a peasant's values. My world is different from yours!
    [​IMG]: I'm not talking about what peasants think. I'm talking about what I think! What about you, Sakuya? What do you think?
    [​IMG]: What do... I think? You speak in riddles. I carry the name of Le Bel. To play at applying my own standards and ideas to the world would be a disgrace.
    [​IMG]: But didn't you just say you left the mansion of your own accord? Isn't that applying your own ideas to the world?
    [​IMG]: Hrrm...
    [​IMG]: You've contradicted yourself. What do you want to do in life, Sakuya?
    [​IMG]: I must succeed my father as the next family head.
    [​IMG]: No, geez! That's not what I meant! What if you could forget about the Le Bel family and do anything in the world? What would you do, then?
    [​IMG]: Forget about the Le Bel family? What mockery is this!?
    [​IMG]: We're speaking hypothetically, dummy!
    [​IMG]: If I could do anything in the world...? I would... continue studying music. I would like to see how far I could go, as a musician.

    He sounds uncharacteristically modest. I was half expecting him to give some rambling speech about how he would unite the world and become king, or something...

    ED: That's our job, RK47-chan. Though you seem to have lost sight of that somewhere along the way.

    [​IMG]: You love music, don't you? If I could hear you play the piano again, I would be very happy, Sakuya. I think you've answered your own question.
    [​IMG]: Answered my question? Don't be ridiculous. This is a mere fantasy. It has no connection to reality.
    [​IMG]: Have you told your father that you want to continue studying music?
    [​IMG]: Don't be ridiculous. How could I lower myself so?
    [​IMG]: So, you haven't even asked him about it... You wouldn't be lowering yourself, Sakuya. Are you ashamed to love music?
    [​IMG]: Hrrm...
    [​IMG]: You should ask him. It's worth a try, right?
    [​IMG]: ...perhaps you are right. I suppose I never would have thought of that, if I hadn't talked to you...
    [​IMG]: You were confused about what you wanted, Sakuya. I just gave you a little push.
    [​IMG]: RK47.
    [​IMG]: Yes?
    [​IMG]: I'm going to speak with him when I return. If he refuses, would... would you carry my fallen body to safety one more time?
    [​IMG]: Are you planning to run away for real, next time?
    [​IMG]: ...if it comes to that.
    [​IMG]: I will follow you anywhere you need to go, Sakuya. You will always have a safe place here, okay?

    ED: God damn it, RK47-chan. You let your womanly emotions get in the way of world conquest.

    [​IMG]: I shall return to you. Thank you... RK47.


    I don't know if his father will accept him, or if he really will run away. But, I know he will come back to me. And I pray that our future will be a happy one!


    [​IMG]: Silence! ...the hall of your fathers has many lumps and sharp rocks, RK47...
    [​IMG]: Geez, what are you complaining about.? I even got you some straw!

    Which is to say, I did the best I could for a freeloader!

    ED: That's what you get when you betray the cause, bitch.

    [​IMG]: Here, I made breakfast. Your first concert is today, so you need to get ready!
    [​IMG]: ...hrrm.

    He didn't complain about the food! That's an improvement.

    [​IMG]: Umm, by the way...
    [​IMG]: What is it?
    [​IMG]: Have you contacted Yuuya?
    [​IMG]: ...you must be joking.

    I thought so.

    [​IMG]: I have his address. Should I tell him... about you?
    [​IMG]: We need not worry him. I have no intention of asking favours of him.
    [​IMG]: I didn't mean...
    [​IMG]: Anyway, let it be. Things are fine as they are.

    I guess he's still a little chilly about Yuuya. Maybe it's still too soon...

    [​IMG]: Let us go, RK47.
    [​IMG]: Okay!

    To RK47:
    Salutations! I trust you are well. A little bird told me you've been taking care of Sakuya. He's a pain, but I know you'll be able to handle him just fine. I have something to tell him. Something very important. Something I've been meaning to tell him his entire life. Since you're... Well, I guess I'm still a little unsure, myself. If he ever says he wants to see me, I'll think it over. When that time comes, let me know, okay? I'll keep in touch.
    – Sakazaki Yuuya


    ED: I am not satisfied by this ending.

    Well, I think I'll try and see what happens if we don't kill Anghel this time. His absurdity will be a nice change from this route.

    But first, remember

    That exposed some weird conspiracy shit behind the scenes? (Cold storage? Biolgical Sciences Division? Underground Facility? Subject 000?)

    We unlocked another portion:


    The plot thickens. I now think it's safe to assume that these are mostly Hawk Party documents. No clue who the diary belongs to though. Something sinister is going on at this school (aside from the serial killing and cannibalism of course).
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  7. GarfunkeL Racism Expert

    Nov 7, 2008
    Insert clever insult here
    This is why there won't be a female Rance. At least, not written by :foreveralone: Nip Virtual Novel authors or SA-goons or whoever are the sad fucks who come up with these "games".

    So this endings means that the noble bird got kicked out of home and now he's permanently slumming with RK47 who supports his failing dream of achieving musical recognition? How disappointing.

    Also, MOAR and EXTERMINATUS at the same time, as this thread awakes very conflicting emotions in me.
    ^ Top  
  8. lightbane Liturgist

    Dec 27, 2008
    Well, at least there weren't any sex scenes... Anyways, rewind and this time be sure Anghel lives, some lulz will be had.
    ^ Top  
  9. Lindblum Learned

    May 3, 2011
    Disappointing ending.

    RK47 how could you betray the cause, you sacrificed an angel for nothing!
    ^ Top  
  10. Radisshu Liturgist

    Jul 16, 2007
    While this ending was boring, the larger plot is continuing to unravel :p
    ^ Top  
  11. LundB Mistakes were made.

    Jan 2, 2012
    In this update, RK47-chan doesn't get Anghel killed, an event we've seen before goes rather differently.

    [​IMG]: ! Is that true, Edel Blau? ...indeed, my Demoni Red Eye feels no murderous aura. Perhaps it would be wise to wait and observe for a while...
    [​IMG]: That's probably a good idea. The doctor doesn't take kindly to roughousing, I think.

    Anghel leaves, satisfied.

    ED: The whole part where you go for a run, meet Azami, and can choose to get a job happens here. I chose not to get a job, since that lets us skip a bunch of stuff that I don't think affects the main story. I'm not going to copy paste the run and stuff here yet again, since the only interesting part is the mysteriously destroyed city. And punkgeons. If you want to review it, it's everything but the Shuu conversation in this post.

    ED: Now RK47 decides who to go to the summer festival with. Anghel is the obvious choice.

    [​IMG]: ...lau...

    This is the right time, isn't it? Is my phone's clock off...?

    [​IMG]: ...del Blau...

    Hmm... maybe I should go ahead by myself...?

    [​IMG]: Edel Blau!
    [​IMG]: Wah!?

    I can hear him, but where is he!?

    [​IMG]: Anghel? Is that you?


    A wild ANGHEL appeared!

    [​IMG]: Aaah! You scared me!
    [​IMG]: Sh!

    He frantically glances about.

    [​IMG]: A lower demon of Baal. I can still feel its presence! It lurks nearby, Edel Blau.

    ED: Exterminatus is the only option.

    [​IMG]: Fighting evil again, Anghel?
    [​IMG]: ...you have but just awakened. It is too soon to bring you into battle. Take this.

    He hands me...


    [​IMG]: This will protect you from the forces of witchcraft. But we should leave this place nonetheless.
    [​IMG]: You're right. Come on, let's go to the festival!


    Maybe he's not used to crowds?

    [​IMG]: Is this your first time coming to a summer festival, Anghel?
    [​IMG]: I was born under the star of solitude. I am not allowed these pleasures

    ED: [​IMG]

    [​IMG]: Don't tell me you don't have any friends...!?
    [​IMG]: ! An Aveskellar of Chaos! Why here, why now...!?

    He's staring agitatedly at a stand selling cheap toys and trinkets.

    [​IMG]: Umm... That looks like a normal booth to me...
    [​IMG]: When the Chaotic Wings of the Reaper appear on this Earth, The Echoes of The End shall be heard across the land... Edel Blau, you must undergo training.

    It is easy to lose track of your exercise regimen during vacation. And so Anghel and I enjoyed the festival in our own special way.

    ED: We're returning to the abode this time.


    We're planning to do a cafe, but we haven't decided on the theme yet...

    [​IMG]: Huh?

    There's a student ID card lying on the floor. Did somebirdie drop it here?

    [​IMG]: Umm... Akagi Yoshio, 2-2. Who's that? I guess I should take this to the faculty room.

    [crashing noises]

    [​IMG]: !? Wh-what's going on, Anghel?
    [​IMG]: You must not... you must not say the forbidden name! It shall open Pandora's Gate, and bring about the End of All Things!
    [​IMG]: Eeeeeeh...?

    This ID card's owner is going to cause the end of the world? ...and what's Pandora's Gate?

    [​IMG]: Anghel, are you actually Akag--
    [​IMG]: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaah! E-Edel Blau! Seek you to torture this Servant of God!? You must not speak the names of angels, even those fallen! You must not sing songs about the names of angels! You must not say it! -pant-...-pant-... Perhaps... my wish was not granted...?

    Oh, no! Now he's sad.


    So how should we comfort him?
    Do we accept the Contract! (No clue what this means)
    or do we tell him that he doesn't need to be ashamed of the name Yoshio?
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  12. Hirato Purse-Owner Patron

    Oct 16, 2010
    Codex 2012
    Accept the contract.
    ^ Top  
  13. GarfunkeL Racism Expert

    Nov 7, 2008
    Insert clever insult here
  14. Radisshu Liturgist

    Jul 16, 2007
    I think you should play along with this prosperous individual
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  15. Thor Kaufman Arcane

    Thor Kaufman
    May 14, 2007
    think like a pro
    Accept the contract. He seems to be a reasonable bird.
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  16. Johannes Arcane

    Nov 20, 2010
    High powered business meeting

    If you pick the 2nd option, what happens? He goes back to his family -> Hawk party?
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  17. LundB Mistakes were made.

    Jan 2, 2012
    Yes. He says something like "I guess I valued you too highly", and leaves. We then get the Hawk party decision + adjourning for coffee, followed by death by assassin.

    I suspect some wrong decisions just lead you to a bird's bad end, but others lead to Hawk Party.
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  18. LundB Mistakes were made.

    Jan 2, 2012
    Ok, this is the first part of a larger update. I'm splitting it in two because I'm not quite done with the 2nd part. This 1st part isn't anything special, but the next part... you'll see. This page has gotten kind of long, so I'd prefer to bump it to the next one before posting the 2nd half.

    [​IMG]: Wh... what...!? You cannot have forgotten, Edel Blau. You, the Angel of Fire, who drove me from this world and imprisoned me in an eternal cage of ice!

    ED: [​IMG]

    [​IMG]: Are you saying... you will join me...?
    [​IMG]: You are not alone, Anghel!
    [​IMG]: Yes...! Very well. We shall seal the contract on this ground, Edel Blau! Fleeting as it is eternal!

    Anghel scribbles some sort of indicipherable arcane symbol or script on the ID card, and smiles happily.

    [​IMG]: This shall be proof of our alliance! Keep it with you.
    [​IMG]: Eh, eeeeh...?

    He places his ID card in my hand and strides away. Why do I have to carry this around for you???

    ED: Another elective day. RK47 is attending gym, since I figure fighting alongside an angel will take strength. We already have pretty high charisma. Wisdom is unneeded, as it is the enemy of EXTREME.

    RK47 Leveled Up! Vitality increased by 5!


    I think I'll go look!

    [​IMG]: !? Anghel! Are you a member of the manga club, then?

    ED: He better actually be insane, and not just some fucking weeaboo LARPing.

    [​IMG]: Indeed. This... is my weapon.

    Anghel produces a mapping pen with a dramatic flourish.

    [​IMG]: Woah... that looks like it would hurt if you got poked.
    [​IMG]: It has stained many a day with the gore of friend and foe alike.

    Are you sure it's not just that you're careless and end up stabbing yourself a lot...?

    [​IMG]: !!! My scarlet breast stirs...No! Why now...!? I shall leave this to you, Edel Blau. I must go...!

    In other words, it's your turn to run the stand and you want me to do it for you?


    [​IMG]: Do what must be done, Crimson Angel of Judecca!
    [​IMG]: I shall follow the Covenant of my Blood to the End! Haaah!

    He nimbly leaps over a stack of books and runs off into the courtyard. It's not like I have anything to do, so I'll take his shift for him.


    Huh? Isn't that...

    [​IMG]: Anghel?
    [​IMG]: Shh!

    Anghel beckons to me, completely visible despite his obvious attempts to conceal himself.

    [​IMG]: Do you not sense the quickening, Edel Blau?
    [​IMG]: Quickening?

    ED: [​IMG]

    [​IMG]: The Demon Spores swarm with alarming intensity! They come... from there...!

    He's looking at--

    [​IMG]: Still going on about the infirmary, huh?
    [​IMG]: I have told you that it is merely a facade, Edel Blau. The Tree of Blight, Rufa of the Left Hand Path... yes, it is the Incubator of Absolute Darkness!
    [​IMG]: That makes even less sense! Why's a fallen angel stressing over an infirmary, anyway?
    [​IMG]: The entire school will be swallowed by the Demon Spores if we do not act! Were that to happen, my Crimson Breast would run wild, once more unbound! I might even... you...

    I'm not sure why, but it seems like he's planning to hurt me. Scum! Vagabond! Little do you know that the RK47 family tradition is to kill first and ask questions later!

    [​IMG]: ...but the Root of All Evil, the Dark Sorcerer, is not here at present. I must plan my attack... rest easy until then, Edel Blau.

    And with that, he returned to his classroom. It looks like a normal infirmary to me. Is something really going to happen?

    ED: It may be a horrifying murder room, but I don't remember any demon spores last time. It's probably safe to assume that nothing bad will happen if we just stay far away from there, RK47-chan. But we're too EXTREME for that. Possibly even XTREME.

    ED: RK47-chan, you don't want to get stuck living with a poor musician again, so let's avoid that party just in case.


    ED: All the inane bullshit about New Years happens here. Then we buy some Legumentine's beans for Anghel. I'm going with Bitter black beans, bitter as the lament of the Fallen One, black as the heart of the Great Deciever. Or some shit like that.

    Anghel's in class 2, right? I wonder if he's still in the classroom...

    [​IMG]: Anghel? Are you in here?


    [​IMG]: Hi, Anghel! I, umm... have something to give you.
    [​IMG]: Quiet, Edel Blau! We are in grave danger!
    [​IMG]: Eeeeeeh???

    Anghel pulls me from the room, and runs into the hallway as if fleeing from something.

    [​IMG]: There is a risk that I could be cursed if others were to learn of our connection.

    In other words, the other boys in your class would make fun of you for having a girlfriend.

    ED: The 'lololololol you have a girlfriend' 'no, it's not like that!' among people I'd consider too old for that kind of 'cooties' attitude seems pretty common in Jap media. Are Japanese highschoolers really such pussies, or is it just the people who write this sort of stuff?

    [​IMG]: Sorry, Anghel. I wasn't thinking. It's Legumentine's today. Do you... want my beans?
    [​IMG]: Th-these are...!

    A change comes over him.

    [​IMG]: He he he... aah, Black Beandonna...!
    [​IMG]: Wh-what's going on?
    [​IMG]: Agh! Get out! This is my body, and I won't let you use it as you please! These beans are evil, Edel Blau of the Blue Sky.
    [​IMG]: They look like normal black beans to me...
    [​IMG]: Indeed. Have no fear, I shall destroy them now.

    He opens the package and dumps its contents into his beak.

    [​IMG]: *cough* *cough*
    [​IMG]: A-are you okay!? How do I Heimlich a pigeon!?
    [​IMG]: D...don't worry... about me...! Escape while you can, Edel Blau...!

    Maybe he's a little young for black beans.

    ED: So ends part 1 of this update.
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    Lord, give me the strength to bump this to the end.
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    I will do my part to help bump this thread.

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    Bumping to see more derp.
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