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H-World update

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H-World update

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 15 March 2003, 22:39:38

Tags: H-World

There's an update over at the H-World site, the isometric view rogue-like engine being made by Hansjörg Malthaner. Here's a bit of the news that I'm late with:

06-Mar-03: NEW: exits for external levels

02-Mar-03: NEW: width/height properties for level description files​

Yeah, that's interesting, but here's the cool part!

Along with the transition to the new images, I've started to experiment with the idea of a space exploration game built with the H-World engine.​

<div align="center"> </div>

Hot damn, kids. A space exploration rogue like! And here's the news on that project:

09-Mar-03: NEW: created basic level descriptions for all planets
NEW: improved space station level layout

08-Mar-03: CHANGE: reworked spaceship floor and floor lights

07-Mar-03: NEW: more work on second space station deck: restaurant/pub
NEW: landing on venuslike and earthlike planets implemented
NEW: image set for venuslike planets reenabled

06-Mar-03: NEW: second space station deck​

Sorry, I have a huge weakness for space exploration CRPGing.

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