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RPG Codex 2016 Role-Playing Game of the Year & Age of Incline Voting

RPG Codex 2016 Role-Playing Game of the Year & Age of Incline Voting

Community - posted by felipepepe on Sat 14 January 2017, 20:45:40

Tags: RPG Codex; RPG Codex Awards


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the RPG Codex 2016 GOTY voting!

But not only that! It has now been 5 years since 2012, the year that gave us Legend of Grimrock, reviving an RPG genre dead since the mid 90's, and the Kickstarter craze - Wasteland 2, Project Eternity, Shadowrun Returns, The Banner Saga, Legends of Eisenwald, Barkley 2, Dead State, Paper Sorcerer, SHAKER and many more all appeared in 2012, teaching Codexers the meaning of "hope".


We soon also learned the meaning of "delay", "disappointment", "scam", "regret", "cancel my pledge", etc... but the point stands: 2012 marks the start of what many call The Age of Incline - BioWare/Bethesda's oligopoly was shattered, great indie & mid-sized devs started to appear, ports, releases and translations started to flood Steam & GOG and there was much rejoice.

So it's about time we inspect that legacy and see just how great this so-called "Age of Incline" really was and what are its highlights. Thus, this year's voting span 2012-2016, and we ask you to patiently check this rather long list and rate all the games you played from this era:

TL;DR - VOTE HERE: http://www.rpgcodex.net/goty_vote.php

The voting will run until Feb 1st, when our brave team of analysts will collect the data, sort it out and manipulate the numbers until their favorite games win.

Hope you all loved Lightning Returns. :shittydog:

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