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StarCrawlers launching on May 16th

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StarCrawlers launching on May 16th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 5 April 2017, 20:10:33

Tags: Juggernaut Games; StarCrawlers

The procedurally generated cyberpunkish sci-fi blobber StarCrawlers from indie studio Juggernaut Games has been in Early Access for over two years now. Its fans on our forum tell of an addictive game that has only gotten better, especially with the addition of a challenging non-procedurally generated story campaign. Now the end of development is finally in sight. Yesterday StarCrawlers received its final Early Access update, and with it a release date - May 16th. Juggernaut put together a cool little trailer for the occasion:

StarCrawlers has also been available on GOG's "In Development" Early Access program since last year, so it'll be there too when it launches. It's unclear whether the game's price will increase.

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