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Expeditions: Viking Raid On Dumfries Gameplay Video

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Expeditions: Viking Raid On Dumfries Gameplay Video

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Fri 7 April 2017, 00:53:56

Tags: Expeditions: Viking; Jonas Wæver; Logic Artists; Teemo Ashton

A new Expeditions: Viking "Devs Play" gameplay video was uploaded to the Logic Artists YouTube channel today. Like the previous Devs Play episode back in October, the video has creative director Jonas Waever and community manager Teemo Ashton demonstrating one of the game's combat scenarios. In this case, a daring raid on the Scottish village of Dumfries (then known as Dun Phris). This is apparently a late game battle, so plenty of high level abilities see use, including several spectacular area of affect attacks. You won't believe it's not fantasy!

This game looks so cool. Watch for the flaming berserker decapitation attack at 13:40.

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