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Xenonauts 2 now on Kickstarter

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Xenonauts 2 now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Darth Roxor on Wed 20 June 2018, 18:00:25

Tags: Goldhawk Interactive; Xenonauts 2

Xenonauts 2, the "non-chronological sequel" to the only recent X-COM clone worth a damn, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign. If for some reason you are still oblivious as to what this game is about, maybe the video and description below will enlighten you.

XENONAUTS-2 is a "strategic planetary defense simulator" that puts you in charge of a clandestine military force attempting to protect the planet from extraterrestrial invasion. It is the sequel to the acclaimed Xenonauts, successfully Kickstarted way back in 2012!

We are building a hugely complex strategy / tactics game that gives you total control of your organisation all the way from the command staff in your base down to the troops on the battlefield. The formula will be familiar to anyone who has played the classic X-Com games from the 90's (or the modern reboots), but Xenonauts-2 expands those foundations to create something deeper and more distinctive!

The action takes place in the modern day - but in an alternative timeline where decades of alien interference has prevented the end of the Cold War, leaving NATO and the Soviet Union teetering on the brink of a catastrophic nuclear war. Can you hold humanity together long enough to end the alien threat forever?​

The Kickstarter aims to gather 50k in pound sterling, and it seems to be already going strong. Backing for £18 gets you a copy of the game with early access access, £25 buys you a ticket into the closed beta, and everything above that nets you an additional copy or whatever trinkets you might be interested in. There is also an alpha combat demo (alternative GOG link) available if you have any doubts.

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Blackthorne needs a kidney

TARGET: $5,000 USD

RAISED: $5,076.90 USD (102%)

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