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Underrail Dev Log #59: Savage Natives, Closed Alpha in September

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Underrail Dev Log #59: Savage Natives, Closed Alpha in September

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 17 August 2018, 01:32:59

Tags: Stygian Software; Underrail; Underrail: Expedition

It turns out that the upcoming Underrail: Expedition expansion isn't named that way for no reason. There is an actual expedition we'll be going on, and the primary danger on the expedition is a tribe of savage natives. The game's latest development update comes with four screenshots of their habitat. More importantly however, the update includes the first news of a possible ETA for Expedition. Styg and the team will be a launching a closed alpha in late September, during which the expansion's last few locations will be finalized. I quote:

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Hi guys,

We're basically done with the savage natives. You won't be able to join this faction but you'll be able to explore their territory and their lore, and in any case you'll come in contact with them regularly as they are the primary danger facing the expedition.

Now we're taking a two week break to get some sun. After that we'll be putting the final touches on the rest of the Black Sea and preparing the closed alpha that will probably be available in the second half of September. It will be invite only. We'll be turning to the veterans of our community to help us test the massive amount of content we added so far to help us weed out bugs, handle any glaring imbalances as well as provide general feedback as to how to improve the expansion (within reason).

As the closed alpha is taking place we'll move to the final dungeon and the main quest wrap up.

Let us know how you like the new areas and I hope you guys are as excited for the closed alpha as we are. We really added a lot of things to the DLC over these few years, that, at times, we complete forget about them, and we're really interested to see how you guys use and abuse them to kill our precious NPCs before we nerf everything into the ground.

Finally. Though of course, a closed alpha implies that there's also going to be a beta...

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