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Post-apocalypse under the dome: Encased now on Kickstarter

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Post-apocalypse under the dome: Encased now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 14 September 2018, 15:52:52

Tags: Dark Crystal Games; Encased

In case you missed it, Encased is an upcoming post-apocalyptic isometric RPG from St. Petersburg-based Dark Crystal Games that has attracted some positive attention. In the months since its re-announcement, the game's developers have been doing some good old fashioned community building - posting concept art and area renders on Twitter, soliciting input on our forums, and even setting up a site where fans can design an in-game character and win a free DLC. You can read about those efforts in this development update from July. Community alone doesn't pay the bills however, so like many similar indie titles before it, Encased has arrived on Kickstarter. The game is apparently getting made no matter what, but Dark Crystal are seeking $100k in funding to make it even better. The pitch does a good job of showing how it is actually pretty post-apocalyptic, despite my earlier skepticism.

The game is set in an alternate 1970's and revolves around the exploration of the Dome, a mysterious structure discovered in a remote desert. No one knows the exact nature of those who built the Dome, but the founders of this advanced civilization have come to be called the Forefathers.

You will discover miraculous technologies and weird artifacts in the labyrinths of the Dome, but that is not all the Forefathers left behind. Watch out for automated security systems, traps, and inexplicable anomalies.

In addition, the Dome itself is showing signs of consciousness. It has been reacting to the human presence since the first explorers entered its domain. Once inside, no one is able to leave. Uncovering the wonders and dangers of the Dome is a one-way road.

Exploration and exploitation of the Dome is carried out by the CRONUS Foundation, a massive organization founded by the world’s most powerful governments. CRONUS is divided into five departments, called Wings, each with its own director, specialization and history.

As a new recruit, the player must choose one of five Wings:
  • Black Wing - military and security forces;
  • White Wing - scientists, medics and researchers;
  • Blue Wing - engineers and technicians;
  • Silver Wing - upper management;
  • Orange Wing - ex-convicts who have exchanged their prison jumpsuits for the uniform of a CRONUS laborer.
Though your selected Wing grants certain starting bonuses and opens interesting options, your choice does not lock you into a “class”. You are free to develop your character, distribute skill points, and choose abilities as you wish.

Upon completing character creation, you are summoned to Crystal Sands, a city built directly outside the Dome as a staging point for personnel and equipment.

The transition station mounted at the apex of the Dome, above the only aperture, is called the Spire. After basic training, you will descend from the Spire into the Dome to land at Magellan HQ.

There is much to uncover during your first mission underground…. Relying on your stats and Wing training, you will find there are several ways to resolve each challenge. Replayability is one of our main goals for the game. After your briefing at HQ comes your first task: exploring a newly discovered Forefathers compound tagged Object O-12-Nashville.

After a few adventures inside the Nashville object (which we don’t want to spoil just yet), your group encounters an entirely new anomaly. You awaken something dreaming deep beneath the desert of the Dome. Your trespass has activated Maelstrom, a telepathic entity created to serve the Forefathers.

All connection with the world outside the Dome is lost and Maelstrom rages across the desert, infecting the minds of everyone it encounters. You and your group fall into a technology-induced stasis for five long years. And when you come to, the entire world has changed.

Seems promising enough, doesn't it? They've even got Iron Tower Studio associate Scott Hamm on board to help with the writing. Encased is scheduled for release on Steam Early Access in Q1 2019, with a final release later that year. A €18 pledge will get you a copy, including the Early Access. You can also get the "closed beta" and "closed alpha" for €120 and €215 respectively, although I'm not sure if that's worth it when everybody is getting Early Access anyway. Be sure to follow the game's Steam page if you like what you see.

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