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Bard's Tale 3 Remaster Released

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Bard's Tale 3 Remaster Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 26 February 2019, 18:08:35

Tags: inXile Entertainment; Krome Studios; The Bard's Tale Trilogy

Krome Studios have released their remaster of the third and final chapter of the original Bard's Tale trilogy, The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate. Originally released in 1988, Bard's Tale III was even bigger than its predecessor and considerably weirder, sending the player on a journey through a variety of parallel worlds to challenge a mad god. For that reason, it took Krome longer than expected to complete the remaster, although a beta version has been available since December. Unlike the previous two games in the series, Bard's Tale III's development was primarily led by Burger Bill (now Rebecca) Heineman. Considering her history with this remaster, it's not surprising that she doesn't appear in the launch trailer:

Owners of the remastered Bard's Tale Trilogy pack have received the third game as a free update. In addition to the game itself, Krome used the extra development time to finalize the promised optional Legacy Mode, which brings the games in line with their original 1980s releases in terms of mechanics. There are a whole bunch of new quality-of-life improvements as well. Details about all of that, including an extensive changelog, are available in the release announcement post on Steam. Now, onward to Wasteland!

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