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Turn-based tactical fantasy mercenary company RPG Glorious Companions released on Steam Early Access

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Turn-based tactical fantasy mercenary company RPG Glorious Companions released on Steam Early Access

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 4 June 2019, 18:14:46

Tags: Ancient Forge Studio; Glorious Companions

Imagine Battle Brothers, except in 3D (including legs) and set in a more unconventional fantasy world with red lizardmen and dudes with mohawks. That's what Ancient Forge Studio's Glorious Companions appears to be. The game first came to our attention in March but has clearly been in development for longer than that, because it's already out on Steam Early Access as of today. There's a lot to read in the game's development updates, but I might as well get on to posting its launch trailer and release announcement:

We can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since the first time the initial idea for Glorious Companions sprinkled into our minds. We had been dabbling in pen-and-paper RPGs for a while and we thought it’d be really cool to one day create a video game, where we could share the vision for all the mechanics and the world of Navaroth with a broader audience. At that time, the game was really tiny. 2D avatars moving around the board in an awkward and sluggish way and yet we were so happy to our ideas come alive. This is why we have stuck with game development as it’s a very satisfying medium to share your vision.

Today marks a very special day. We’re releasing Glorious Companions in Early Access - the first milestone out of many others to come. While the day in itself is special, we want to stay humble and treat it as a beginning of something new, not a finale to the whole journey. We’ve got amazing plans for this game and we’d love to invite you all to get on that ride with us.

Here’s a rough content & feature plan for the Early Access. There are all the planned features that we want to complete before moving out of Early Access. Keep in mind that depending on the game’s financial success, some of those features and content might be out faster and some of them might take a little bit longer to roll out.

Short Term Continuous Updates (aka things you can expect in the coming weeks)

Valrenay Abilities Updates
New Weapon Types Updates
AI Updates
Hair Style Options for Player Characters
Bug Fixes & QoL tweaks
Balance Patches

Big Content & Feature Updates

Scarres Fully Playable Race Update
World Map 2.0 (region based, roads, simulated trading, new environment assets)
Settlement Management and Sieges Update
Procedural Generation of Battle Locations (based on their position on the world map)
Anderia Fully Playable Race Update
Trigoths Fully Playable Race Update
Politics & World Map AI Update
Peer-2-Peer Multiplayer Update
Mercenary Faction Update
Ancient Guardians Uprising Update

The first few months are going to lay a lot of groundwork for the future and we want to take that time to see what the community thinks of the game and the direction you guys would like to see it go. Ultimately, our aim is to create something that people can legitimately have fun with for a long time, and we’re not afraid of criticism of our ideas. That’s why for now we’re committed to the following 6 months plan while the further future is something we intend to craft with your feedback in mind.
Glorious Companions is available now for $30 with a 10% launch discount until next week. I have to say that's not cheap for an unknown indie on Early Access. The game looks promising enough, so I hope the developers know what they're doing.

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It's a turn-based RPG thing on KickStarter.


RAISED: $525.28 USD (70%)

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