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Post-apocalyptic RPG Encased is now in closed alpha

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Post-apocalyptic RPG Encased is now in closed alpha

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sun 7 July 2019, 16:20:26

Tags: Dark Crystal Games; Encased

Dark Crystal Games' Fallout-inspired post-apocalyptic RPG Encased was successfully crowdfunded last year to the tune of €105k. The game was supposed to be released on Steam Early Access in the first quarter of 2019 with a final release later in the year, but unsurprisingly development has taken longer than expected. What we got this week instead is the release of the backers-only closed alpha. Since you had to pledge a crazy €215 to gain alpha access we've had no gameplay impressions whatsoever, but luckily a couple of days later Dark Crystal decided to broadcast a 1.5 hour Q&A stream with plenty of footage. So here's that along with details from the latest Kickstarter update:

The Dark Crystal Games team that never leaves its office is once again with you, and we have some news.

The first one: we are forced to postpone the early access game release (we’ll tell you a bit later why).

The second one: we are releasing a restricted access version of the game for alpha backers on Steam. And if you are an alpha backer, then perhaps the access key for the alpha version is making it to your email inbox right now, and the alpha build itself is being uploaded to Steam!

[...] “Alpha”, that is coming out in the next couple of hours, is an unfinished version of the game. The content of the first official version of Encased is very limited, all that the game consists of, including graphic assets, render, role-playing system, sound, interface, plot, et c. is in the non-final state and will be finalized by release date.

The alpha version of Encased is not intended for public display and sale, and is distributed exclusively for kickstarter-backers. But what is waiting for you in this “alpha”? An early version of the character editor, several large locations and quests, a lot (really, a lot!) of loot. As well as the opportunity to fry a cockroach, climb into the ventilation, make a bat with nails and look at the gloomy sands of the Dome, covered with fog.

In fact, this closed alpha is the first official release for us as a team. And we, like you, want this game to be of high quality, interesting and exciting, and hope that the adventures under the Dome will be remembered by everyone who happened to get into it.

Aside from the delay, our plans remain the same: shortly after the alpha, we will release the beta, which will be available to a much larger number of players. After eliminating bugs and polishing the content, the long-awaited EA-version will be released.

We cannot announce the release date yet, but be sure that this will happen soon enough. The Spire accepts shipments, the White Wing examines relics, the team works, and Encased moves towards the early access.

Looks promising. Hopefully the 21 people who pledged enough to gain access to the alpha are enjoying themselves. As a reminder, all backers are eligible for the Early Access release, so once that's out we'll know for sure whether Encased is up to the standard of fellow Russian Fallout-like ATOM.

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