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Encased releasing on Early Access on September 26th

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Encased releasing on Early Access on September 26th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 13 September 2019, 21:24:46

Tags: Dark Crystal Games; Encased

Encased wasn't a big enough deal to be at Gamescom or PAX, but it still looks just as cool as the all the other isometric RPGs that are in development these days. The game quietly slipped into beta early last month after spending little more than a month in alpha, so it's no surprise that the Early Access release has arrived swiftly. Yesterday Dark Crystal unveiled a new teaser trailer announcing that it's going to be out on September 26th, and today they followed that up with a proper announcement that reveals that the game will be releasing on GOG as well. I'll post it all here:

Greetings, recruits!

The time has come. The Early Access version of Encased is almost ready, and the Dome will soon be open to everyone. On September 26th, you can begin exploring the enigma that is the Dome!

Those who pledged their support on Kickstarter, or otherwise pre-ordered the game, will receive their keys via email during the Early Access launch. Over the next few days we will send out a questionnaire where you may choose your platform, Steam or GOG.

Now we will answer the biggest question posed by community: "What can we expect in Early Access?"
  • Early Access will include a section of the game's main plot relating the events leading up to and during the Incident.
  • After the prologue, you will have access to some parts of the open world, where you can explore and discover how life under the Dome changed after the disaster.
  • Portions of the desert beneath the Dome will be obscured as anomalous zones, and temporarily inaccessible. But don't worry, regular content updates will gradually open up new sectors of the Dome for you to explore.
  • The open world has a life of its own. Traveling through the desert, you'll meet wandering traders, bandits, wild animals, the Forefathers' machines and anomaly mazes. Sometimes you’ll encounter unique events leading to a quest or acquainting you with one of the Dome’s factions.
  • The Early Access release will include about 40 weapons. In addition, Encased lets players craft their own weapons, which can lead to more than 100 deadly devices in total!
You will also find new side quests, characters, secrets, locations, items, weapons and armor, new animations, improved sounds and music, item crafting, etc.

Right now and until the start of Early Access, we will continue to polish and improve the game. None of the feedback you sent escaped our notice. We've fixed tons of bugs, changed some small mechanics, and improved what you told us needing improving (but nothing too crazy, we can't add a Godzilla-sized Cheburashka or anything like that).

As a reminder, you can directly report any errors you find in the game by using the "Feedback" button in the interface. You can also message us in Discord .

The Dome awaits, your patience will soon be rewarded! Join your fellow Encased players on Steam or GOG!

This is shaping up to be another pretty mad September.

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