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Encased now available on Early Access

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Encased now available on Early Access

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 26 September 2019, 22:44:13

Tags: Dark Crystal Games; Encased

After spending a month in alpha and nearly two months in beta, Dark Crystal Games' post-apocalypse-in-a-dome RPG Encased is out on Early Access today. Unlike the alpha and beta, all Kickstarter backers have received keys for this release, which means that for the first time there are more than a few dozen people in the world who can share their impressions of the game. Here's a gameplay trailer Dark Crystal put together for the Early Access launch, along with some details from the latest Kickstarter update:

Time really flies: about a year ago, we’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign to collect additional funds for the development of Encased, which at that time had been going on for about nine months. It was a leap of faith, that turned out to be an exhausting marathon. While the finish line is still far, an important phase of the project is already completed: the isometric apocalyptic RPG Encased is in early access.

We are here again to thank you one more time, to remind you of our obligations and to talk about what is going to happen next.

A few words about what’s coming up in Encased. The early version of the game, released on Steam and GOG, contains a fully playable prologue storyline, an open world, a lot of equipment, weapons and modifications, more than a dozen of skill branches, crafting and cooking systems. As well as three dozen quests and about a hundred characters building a better future in the atmosphere of the alternative 70s. However, not everyone is building it: playing through the prologue till its very end is worth at least to find out what happened at the C12-Nashville facility, where the protagonist ventured towards his first mission…

The game is not limited to just a prologue – after completing the storyline, you will be able to access the part of the open world filled with random events, anomalies, battles and abandoned bunkers biding their time. Our writers, artists and scripters are already set to create content patches, so the desert will become even more lively and interesting in the nearest future. Alas, the development of the core storyline is not a quick job, and it will take us several months to tell you about the fate of the Dome on behalf of six factions. Among those you will find a democratic community of engineers building a utopian city, a group of mercenaries planning something grand, looney desert raiders pretending to be cartoon characters and a powerful totalitarian organization, galvanizing the former glory of CRONUS Corporation.

Our backers will receive their keys by email, without any doubt. Please be sure to provide the correct credentials – we will send you the key for the Steam or GOG version of the game! Some of the backers were promised physical rewards. Check your inbox once again: we’ve sent you questionnaires where you can specify the delivery address, as well as the sizes of the T-shirt and/or the hoodie, which we will send to you directly from the hot sands of the Dome. The time of dispatch for the physical rewards, as well as for the additional digital ones, will be announced later.

We would like to conclude this short update with the words of sincere gratitude. Encased release has been made possible thanks to you, your attention, your support and sincere interest in the project. Today we are asking you to support us once again: tell your friends about Encased – perhaps, thanks to you, the game will have one more loyal player.

That’s all for today. Till next time at the Dome’s expanse!

The Encased Early Access release is available on Steam and GOG for $30 with a 10% launch discount until next week. According to the Early Access FAQ on Steam, the plan is to stay in Early Access for nine months. The final release will add the game's second and third acts.

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