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Tainted Grail now available on Early Access

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Tainted Grail now available on Early Access

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 19 June 2020, 00:01:46

Tags: Awaken Realms Digital; Tainted Grail

You might remember Tainted Grail, the remarkably lavish Arthurian board game CRPG spinoff from the Polish tabletop specialists at Awaken Realms that was formally unveiled back in December. While the game's graphics were impressive, few approved of its card game approach to combat. The developers took that criticism on board and announced back in April that they were revamping the combat system such that battles would visually appear on screen. A month later, they were ready to announce that Tainted Grail would be coming to Early Access on June 25th. So I was rather surprised when it was released today instead, a week early. The centerpiece of the Early Access release is something they're calling Tainted Grail: Conquest, which is basically a roguelike sandbox mode where players can experiment with the game's combat system. However, it also contains a short preview of the final game's story campaign. Here's the launch trailer and an excerpt from the accompanying announcement:

As we announced before - our main focus during early access is going to be Conquest, our narrative-driven rogue-lite/RPG hybrid. An endless game mode, we're going to support with regular updates all the way until our proper launch.

What's Conquest?
This is a whole, new roguelike mode that we announced in our last update. We've been working on it for the past months, and we've been actively iterating it with our discord community, and while there is still a lot of work ahead of us... It already feels really satisfying to play!

Also, we have our first community-made guide to playing one of the classes! Thank you, Disiesel!!!

Main highlights:
  • Tons of story locations/interactions with different lore and choices
  • Procedurally generated world – every time you start a new run, you will find different things on your way!
  • Possibility to create unique combos between cards, passive skills, items, and consumables
  • An option to build and upgrade your village in between the runs
  • High-scores! Defeat the final boss and beat your high score!
  • Learn extra lore about the world of Tainted Grail.
To stress it out: this mode will be the focus of our early access and will be developed over time with your help, folks! We will be adding much more content, new classes, new runes, new monsters, new bosses, and various challenges!

And we're going to share a roadmap with you really soon!
The Tainted Grail Early Access release is available on Steam and GOG for $25, with a 10% launch discount on the latter platform until next week. According to the Early Access FAQ, the final game should be out sometime early next year, at which point its price will increase.

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