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Psychological RPG Sacred Fire resurfaces, coming in 2021

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Psychological RPG Sacred Fire resurfaces, coming in 2021

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 29 August 2020, 23:30:25

Tags: Iceberg Interactive; Poetic; Sacred Fire

You might remember a game called Sacred Fire, a "psychological RPG" set in ancient Caledonia originally announced way back in 2014 and successfully crowdfunded back in 2017. We haven't paid much attention to the game since then and I admit that I assumed it was in some sort of vaporware state. In fact, developer Poetic never stopped publishing development updates and a preview build was sent to backers at the end of 2018. Today they announced that Sacred Fire has been picked up by Dutch indie publisher Iceberg Interactive and will finally be releasing next year. It's got a Steam page now, and a new trailer revealing much improved graphics. As you'll see, Geralt voice actor Doug Cockle is apparently still on board.

I hope this message finds you well. I'm very happy to share with you, that we secured the funding to finish the game we originally envisioned in the quality you've seen in the last couple of updates.

After talking to a dozen publishers, looking for someone who respects our creative vision, we partnered up with a privately owned small and indie-friendly label with 10 years of experience, Iceberg Interactive. We took our time and reached out to other developers who worked with them and they come highly recommended. They enable us to make the best possible game and leave us in full creative control.


With the full funding secured, we are finally able to answer the question of scope: Sacred Fire consists of 3 acts (the playable preview represents act 1). Each of the acts has 2 distinct branches. There are 5 distinct endings and 8 major achievements reward scenes. One playthrough is estimated to take 5-6 hours. With no filler events, in this time you'll get a full-length narrative, with the number of twists and turns you'd expect from a much longer RPG.

Sacred Fire will come to Steam in 2021.

It's been a long road for all of us, and I apologize for the delay. Life has thrown my way some curveballs and for the most part after the Kickstarter, this was a solo development effort. Thank you for your unwavering patience and support. I could've met the summer 2020 release, but it would be a much shorter game with outdated art. This way we have the full envisioned story, better art, full voice-over, localization and we can work with several talented writers.


As you know, you can play the game either as a male or a female protagonist. We are taking things to a new level, by having a dedicated writer, Jennie Kong from thatgamecompany (lead writer on their latest hit Sky), add the nuances to all scenes when you play as a female protagonist.

To showcase this here is a retelling of our "Something More" trailer, now with a female protagonist, using a different tactic in the same scenario. While we are in the talks with a promising voice actress, for now, we use the original recording by Doug Cockle.

Furthermore, the experienced writers from Talespinners, Ian Thomas (Pendragon Rising), and Matt Gibbs (Total War: Rome 2) will help us edit the final English text, so the entire story has one consistent author voice, but the polish of a professional production.

This is all for now. Thank you for believing in us all these years. Thanks to your patience as well, this new role-playing experience can fulfill its potential.
Always nice to see an indie developer catch a break. I imagine it might have helped that the concept behind the game seems less unusual now in the age of Disco Elysium.

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