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Interplay snags up White Wolf's Exhalted rights

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Interplay snags up White Wolf's Exhalted rights

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 8 May 2003, 15:36:29

Tags: Interplay

Yup, it's true, Interplay has just purchased another White Wolf RPG license rights to develop a few games from. This time, the license is that of Exalted, a fantasy RPG setting.

"White Wolf's entertainment properties include some of the most widely recognized role-playing adventures in the world," stated Jim Molitor, Vice President of Product Development for Interplay. "We recognize the enormous following of this franchise and look forward to bringing our gaming expertise to the 'Exalted' license. We have secured the newest offering from White Wolf, which does extremely well from a popularity standpoint. The premise and richness of the 'Exalted' property make it uniquely suited for translation onto the next-generation video game systems."

"We are very happy to be partnering with Interplay again," stated Mike Tinney, President of White Wolf. "Interplay is a proven industry leader, and we are confident that they will create a gameplay experience that both novice gamers and hard-core fans will enjoy." Interplay and White Wolf teamed up in 2002 to bring the "Hunter: The Reckoning®" role-playing franchise to next generation consoles.

Of course, a good question is why they're paying money to buy up licenses while at the same time, they're destroying the licenses for which they own the exclusive rights, like Fallout.

Of course, no word on what they actually plan to do with this license. Probably another console action fest like Hunter: The Reckoning rather than a full fledged CRPG. I hope I'm wrong, though.

Spotted this on Blue's News.

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