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H-World and The Jungle up to 0.1.6

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H-World and The Jungle up to 0.1.6

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 14 May 2003, 17:06:35

Tags: H-World

H-World, the create your own rogue-like CRPG isometric engine has been updated to version 0.1.6 for those interested in checking it out. Of course, the package includes The Jungle, which is his test rogue-like for the engine itself - and it's pretty nifty. Here's a partial list of changes:

  • Window size can be given by the -screensize WxH command line option (see readme.txt for details)
  • Improved handling of user-defined images. Now includes recolorable images and image overlays (http://h-world.simugraph.com/manual/gfx.html)
  • Created a simple dialog system to talk to NPC
  • There are now temporary effects (i.e. being poisoned) (this is fully scripted, see scripts/effects.lua for details)
  • Stats panel (left side panel) is now user-configureable (see data/player.tab)
  • A simple dialog system (just approach a potion traderess to trigger it).
  • UI to interface with items that contain things but cannot be picked up (i.e. treasure pits - no examples for this are included in "The Jungle" yet, this was made for the experimental space exploration game.)
  • Simple realtime/animation support is now included. ("The Jungle" does not make use of that feature. It was designed as turn based game, but the H-World engine now supports realtime games, too)
  • New, larger fonts. I hope they improve readability.
  • Limbs can now have overlay offsets, i.e. to show a weapon being held with left or right hand.

Mmmm.. Dialogue.. Unfortunately, the page for his space exploration CRPG using the H-World Engine hasn't been updated since I posted about it in March.

Spotted this at YARNS.

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