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Converter jumps to Steam

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Converter jumps to Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 6 April 2021, 21:34:07

Tags: Converter; Funkyzeit Games

Converter has been released on Steam. The game is an open worldish, puzzly, platformy RPG where you get stuck on an alien world, so you got to make the things happen. Make the things happen, get better at things. Make that world your oyster. Here's some info:

As the player becomes stronger and more agile the gameplay transitions into a full "open world" experience, with previously inaccessible paths and areas becoming possible to reach. The game features a truckload of different and incrementally more challenging puzzles, obstacles, unique approach to platforming and it rewards curiosity by being very rich in exploration.​

Well. That's something new. At least to me.

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