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Sentinel: Cursed Knight masters Release

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Sentinel: Cursed Knight masters Release

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 9 April 2021, 00:28:44

Tags: Netherstudios; Sentinel: Cursed Knight

Sentinel: Cursed Knight has been released on Steam. It's now on sale through April 15th for 15% off and is $11.89US. The CRPG boasts about character options to suit your play style, gigantic dungeons, big story, fields of critters to murder, and many other exciting things. Here's some stuff:

Sentinel: Cursed knight is a single player RPG which sets in the land of Kasweihn. You are a knight of the holy order to investigate what went wrong in the Kasweihn area, sent by king Rethvor. The king hasn't heard anything from the region for months and it seems that no-one who entered came out recently. You are sent in and uncover the grueling horrors of darkness that has set in the Kasweihn region.

You first start with a couple of items but slowly further in the game you can level up, gain more equipment and be able to use more abilities as your stats increase. There is a large open world ready for you to explore and all secrets to uncover! Rich lore litters the landscape with different voice acted NPC to talk to and discover what happened in Kasweihn. As well as difficult bosses to defeat, powerfull demons to master and legendary equipment to find and use against the darkest of forces. Or, become one of them as you corrupt yourself and gain the power to use demonic abilities.​

Oh man. I can be good or evil? If only!

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