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Shadow of the Wyrm splashes Version 1.30

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Shadow of the Wyrm splashes Version 1.30

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 23 April 2021, 22:29:17

Shadow of the Wyrm has been updated to v1.30 of the open world rogue-like. The game offers questing, good methods, bad methods, towns, NPCs, boats and sailing, and more with even more to come. You can use both ASCII and downloadable sprite packs depending on how you like your rogue-likes. Here's a month old gameplay video and some of the NEW changes:

  • Settlements are now named during world generation.
  • Cloak of Shadows now adds a little evade and soak as well as the Shadow resistance, making it more useful as a general-purpose buff.
  • Items generated for the player (via NPCs, quest rewards, and so on) are now prevented from having cursed status (Mythrrinthael).
  • The tick message for stoning is now displayed in red, to be more visible against other messages (Poser Destroyer).
  • Dropping items in water now generates a "Splash!" message.
  • The hireling and adventurer generation functions have been updated so that optional race and class IDs can be specified. A random value will be chosen for each if not specified or if the ID is bad.
  • Additional name combinations.
  • Defined a new "meat" material type, and named the wood one "wood/plant".
  • A number of locations now have advisor NPCs. Set a group quest for the advisor in Isen Dun.
  • Drinking a large quantity of alcohol at once can now inflict immediate poison status.

Material types are something every CRPG needs to incorporate. You have that, there's a lot of interesting things that you can add beyond that.

Spotted at Temple of the Roguelike.

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