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ToEE Journal #2 over at RPGVault

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ToEE Journal #2 over at RPGVault

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 15 May 2003, 22:14:26

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

The fun bunnies over at RPGVault have posted up Journal #2 about Temple of Elemental Evil, which discusses map changes and other things about the module being translated to fun filled Troika goodness. Here's a bit from the three page affair:

The majority of the maps in the game are unchanged. Hommlet, the moat house and its dungeon, and the temple and its dungeons are almost exactly as described in the module, with the same layout found in the original. However, the map for the village of Nulb has been changed significantly. The original map showed many buildings, most with no descriptions and no associated NPCs. Nulb has been reconfigured into a smaller and tighter design, while at the same time, the number of NPCs has been increased, and the existing buildings have gained more details.

The elemental nodes (extra-planar realms that have been called into existence by evil forces) have been changed. In the original module, these maps were huge (almost half a mile across for the Air and Water nodes), and the resident creatures were not explicitly placed. Furthermore, several powerful magic items were guarded by relatively weak elemental grues. In the new design, the maps were made to the same scale as the rest of the temple dungeons, and the element-specific monsters were placed with more care. In addition, appropriately powerful guardians now guard the powerful magic items.

Awww.. And I really wanted them to render a half a mile of dungeon, too. Damned lazy artists and map designers, needing sleep and food and stuff. Think of the money they'd save on houses and groceries if they'd just stayed glued to their workstations making all that. It's Win-Win, baby!

Ausir found this, but didn't tell me where, so let's pretend I heard it from HomeLAN Fed or RPGDot or Blue's News. Just pick one and make believe!

Ausir says: I didn't tell you where i found it, because i actually found it directly at RPGVault. Ockham's razor, baby! :)

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