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Dungeon Reels Tactics slots itself at Steam

Dungeon Reels Tactics slots itself at Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 2 May 2022, 12:52:10

Tags: Dungeon Reels Tactics; Grandmas Basement Games

Dungeon Reels Tactics is now available on Steam. What is it? Well, holy snap, it's a turn based, party centric dungeon crawler with perma-death and some fairly interesting mechanics for things a lot of people just gloss over. It also goes for that 8bit graphics thing in 3D. It's currently on sale for $13.49 through May 8th. Anyway, here's the trailer and some summation:

Dungeon Reels Tactics is a party-based, roguelike, with slot machines and puppet shows! Collect new party members with their own pre-built slot machine reels and embark on an adventure to ATTEMPT to defeat The "Great Evil".... Traverse a map filled with enemy encounters, fate cards to resolve, treacherous bosses, and more!

Each run of Dungeon Reels Tactics will include a pool of 12 different characters you can recruit throughout the adventure. To gain new recruits you will need to collect soul shards from fallen foes, resolve fate cards, or purchase recruit tickets in the shop. If a party member falls in battle they will die and you will need to recruit a party member for the adventure.

I can't say I've ever used a slot machine style representation for the random number feedback display. I can definitely see pros and cons to this. It's turn based, so you have time to pay attention to it and it would build more suspense than just displaying a number. The downside being it does take time and could slow down the game. But hey, it's something I hadn't seen before and that's fine with me.

For those curious and want a slightly deeper dive, Turn Based Lovers has an overview.

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