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Lionheart shotgun interview 12 at RPG vault

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Lionheart shotgun interview 12 at RPG vault

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 24 May 2003, 17:33:37

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

RPG Vault has the twelveth shotgun interview about Lionheart up and ready for your viewing pleasure. I'll take the answer from Dan Ruskin, because Dan is so cool.

Jonric: Speaking as a gamer, what are a couple of things that will help differentiate Lionheart and make it stand out from other recent and current RPGs?

Dan Ruskin
Designer, Reflexive Entertainment

One thing that I believe sets Lionheart apart from other RPGs is its spell system. What is unique to our system is that each spell is allowed to grow more powerful as skill points are spent. Because of this, spells do not become obsolete, and in fact, some even gain new abilities as skill points are increased. The spell description system is also unique in that it constantly updates to let the player know the spell's current capabilities. As you put points into Fireball for instance, the current amount, and radius, of damage is displayed. A buff spell like Armor of Bones tells you exactly how much resistance is going to be added and for how long.

I always like a game that gives a lot of information about what you're getting. The number crunching aspect appeals to me.

Spotted this at Blue's News.

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