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BEAST now available on Early Access

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BEAST now available on Early Access

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 25 October 2023, 21:49:04

Tags: BEAST; False Prophet

Greetings travelers!

Today is a special day when BEAST enters the realm of Early Access and is available to play now!
We sincerely invite you to be one of the first to try our first production as a False Prophet Dev Team. Your feedback is now a crucial part of our strategy for further updates and patches so please feel free to post it here on the Steam forum or on our official Discord channel.

Below is some good info to help you have a good time with your exclusive code! Please read through it all.
  • We recommend playing with a mouse and keyboard for now.
  • You are playing exclusive pre-alpha content.
  • Early Access Steam opens October 25th
  • Full game Release in 2024.
  • You will experience the story from two sides with Anton and later, Prince Nicolai.
  • The EA version is currently in the Pre-Alpha (early) state and contains a chunk of the game (and bugs) with over 20 playable missions, 2 main characters, 7 enemy classes, 11 enemy types, and 40 weapon types. Many hours of replayable fun await! Localized versions of the game will arrive later this year.
  • We recommend checking out all three tutorials to fully understand the uniqueness of the system.
  • Remember to collect consumable crates. Ammunition is very valuable and a very limited resource in BEAST.
  • If you score a critical hit you will see some bloody and gory dismemberment.
  • There will be difficulty levels from easier to hardcore where if you die, it’s permanent and you’ll have to restart the game.
In addition to the Early Access release, be prepared for an official DEVELOPER LIVE STREAM starting just after 5 PM CEST. During the stream, we will show you the basics of the game and we will go through the first stages of the game together! If you have any questions some small Q&A will be also available!

See you all here on the Steam BEAST Store Page
False Prophet Team​


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