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Lionheart interview at PC Dome

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Lionheart interview at PC Dome

Interview - posted by Ausir on Sun 1 June 2003, 11:07:00

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

PC Dome has made an interview with Reflexive's Ion Hardie and Dan Ruskin, about Lionheart. Here's a bit:

    PC Dome: What will be the purpose of the team mates? Can we control them as in Baldur's Gate, will they have their own personality and own will, or - as in Fallout - we won't have direct control on them, and will only give help in the beginning?

    I.H.: Team mates, or companions as we call them in Lionheart, can be indirectly controlled. This means that while you can tell them to stay close and follow you, stay where they are at, and so on, you do not give them direct commands. (i.e. walk right here). However, many of these companions have their own goals and objectives. You can take them with you to accomplish quests and the like, but some of them only hang around until they want to leave. They have agendas that, once they are met or you have proven that you are not going to assist them by taking them way off course, they go their own way. Companions serve multiple purposes. I think the best ones help me out on quests, and give me secret access to areas that I wouldn’t have without them.

Of course, all the Baldur's Gate NPCs had their own (cliche) personality, and their own will (like, for example, you couldn't order a paladin to butcher a town... wait, you could!).

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