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Lionheart Interview/Preview at Adrenaline Vault with Ion Hardie

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Lionheart Interview/Preview at Adrenaline Vault with Ion Hardie

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Tue 15 July 2003, 15:16:18

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Our dear Cabal has been interviewed by Adrenaline Vault about Lionheart.

Sneaking Experience: Another unique factor is how we made Sneak a viable path in Lionheart. I know sneaking around a gaming environment has been done before, but we have things in place that make it a definite option. For example, a player can obtain up to 75 percent of an enemy’s experience by sneaking past him successfully. This experience is earned every few seconds while the player is successful in their attempt, with the maximum experience being earned in about 20-30 seconds. A small portion of that enemy’s experience is given to the player as a reward, and is subtracted in real-time from the potential experience the enemy could give you if you killed them. If you want the other 25 percent, the enemy has to be killed, but that’s the breaks. I find Sneak to be very viable, especially when combined with Speech and a few non-offensive tribal spells. I heard that someone at Black Isle made it through the entire game without attacking a single enemy by using a combination of non-combat skills.

Well, at least the game is true to its Fallouteian roots.

Spotted at RPG Vault.

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