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RPGVault's Lionheart Team Q&A #17

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RPGVault's Lionheart Team Q&A #17

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 1 August 2003, 16:57:21

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

RPG Vault has posted their 17th installment of their series of Q&As with the people at Reflexive about Lionheart. This one asks about the developer's favorite elements from the game's critical path.

Well, I really like the Lava Trolls hidden in the depths underneath Barcelona. I'm sure they have some cool story reason why they are there, but I just like to kill things, and they are fun to fight. They have a visual appealing "stomp" that splashes lava out from underneath their feet that does intense fire damage to anyone near them. Not only do I think it looks great, but I wrote the effect, so I am doubly happy with it. Anyway, it is great to get a couple of them in a room with you and just kick their ass with lava spraying out in all directions.

I'm all for gory and/or interesting death animations, but based on the demo and other information, maybe a little less time should have been spent on combat.

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