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Lionheart Q&A at Gamer's Hell

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Lionheart Q&A at Gamer's Hell

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 8 August 2003, 01:21:23

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Gamer's Hell has posted a quck Q&A with Ion Hardie, lead designer of Reflexive's Lionheart.

From the beginning we have been working towards an action-oriented RPG. Black Isle approached us as a developer because of the fun they had with Zax: The Alien Hunter, our previous game that was a solid action title. We worked hard throughout development in modifying their SPECIAL system for real time with the action elements in mind. Of the three gaming titles that you gave, I would have to say that the combat is more Diablo 2 than the others, but the dialog system is more like Fallout’s. The action is quick-paced, but there are tons of ways to complete quests, and many people have dialog solutions to their problems other than just hack-it-up. One of the game testers over at Black Isle also figured out a way to go through the entire game sneaking, talking and using non-combat spells without directly attacking anyone, which I took as a complement to how we had implemented our open style of gaming dynamics.

I do hope the game lives up to these promises.

Spotted at Blues News

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