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GameSpot reviews Lionheart

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GameSpot reviews Lionheart

Review - posted by Spazmo on Tue 19 August 2003, 16:47:30

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Gamespot PC have put up their review of Lionheart. Much like everyone else who's played it so far, they didn't like it very much and give it a disappointing 6.5/10.

Regardless of your character, the combat's definitely got some problems. The action feels hectic and jerky, and it mostly just involves you left-clicking on enemies to auto-attack them with your weapons and right-clicking on enemies to cast spells on them. Most enemies rush straight at you, fast, and the speed of the game isn't adjustable, so you'll often find yourself desperately trying to click on the moving targets to gain the initiative. Once one enemy falls dead, you'll need to quickly click on another. You can pause the action, and while you can't target foes or issue move orders in this state, you can quaff as many healing potions as you need to when the action's stopped. With all that said, aside from it being repetitive and not particularly interesting, the combat's biggest problem is its difficulty. Some of the battles in Lionheart are flat-out punishing, and in them, you'll just keep dying and dying until you luck out and land a series of critical hits, or something. At least the loading times after death are brief.

Now there's nothing strictly wrong with an action RPG, but when you get the action wrong and there's hardly any RPG to back that up, you're left with some serious troubles and not much else.

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