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GameSpy bahs at Lionheart

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GameSpy bahs at Lionheart

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 2 September 2003, 15:42:21

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

The chaps at GameSpy have put forth to multiply their review of Black Isle and Reflexive's latest and greatest CRPG, Lionheart. The reviewer scores it at 65%, which is gosh darned low for a GameSpy review - especially for a game that uses GameSpy Arcade! Here's a sample:

The good part is that most of the quests can be approached from different angles. The game forces you to choose sides at every turn, and demanding players to make seemingly tough decisions makes for compelling gameplay.

But then it all falls apart.

This seems to sum up most everyone's opinion. I wonder if Lars is listenning.

Spotted this in drunkdwarf's thread about it on the Interplay forum.

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