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Lionheart thoroughly blahed at Gamers With Jobs

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Lionheart thoroughly blahed at Gamers With Jobs

Review - posted by Spazmo on Thu 4 September 2003, 03:19:03

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Gamers With Jobs have put up their review of Reflexive's RPG wannabe, Lionheart. There's no outright numerical score, but they didn't like it very much at all, which probably means these guys decided to finish the game before reviewing, so Gamers With Jobs gets a cookie.

Fundamentally Lionheart, like many rpgs, lives and dies by its combat system. Dissimilar to both the strategic and methodical Fallout and the frenetic Diablo, but borrowing elements of both, Lionheart's combat is schizophrenic and usually frustrating. Often a matter of stepping slowly through the landscape until spotted and pursued by singular enemy, as the pace of the game does not make combat with multiple foes a viable option most of the time, this stutter step is standard fare for adventuring. And, it only grows more awkwardly pronounced as the plot throws your way greater and greater numbers of foes that would otherwise overwhelm you. Lionheart's tip-toe adventuring style is a distraction from the start that only grows more irritating. It feels as though Reflexive created the enemy layouts for a turn based party game, but forgot to leave the player the resources necessary to succeed. By the end of the game combat is a trial to deal with which is problematic because combat is virtually all you're doing.

For as deep as Lionheart's skill tree is, one realizes eventually - and often after a dozen or more hours of character development - that certain types of characters can and will become completely ineffective. There's a very good chance that as you progress through Lionheart, unless you have a latent prescience, you will find that your character is not prepared for the trials he will face. Starting over from scratch after putting ten hours into what proves to be a 'gimped' character is not beyond the realm of possibility, or even unusual.

However, it should be noted that after those ten hours, you'll probably have finished the game anyways.

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