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Review of Lionheart at GameGossip

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Review of Lionheart at GameGossip

Review - posted by Ibbz on Tue 9 September 2003, 06:12:57

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

GameGossip have posted a review of Lionheart, rating it at 83% which seems abnormally high, especially considering some of the comments:
Then there are a slew of "little" things that really irked me and made me realize that Lionheart simply is not as good as other role-playing games such as Neverwinter Nights. For instance on the mini-map there is no way to mark important locations and everything is left to memory. This can be fine for quests where you don't have to traverse a vast amount of land but for some of the longer quests remembering what building you came from is an unnecessary chore. The path-finding is also pretty bad and the developer knew it since they tried to cover up for it with a poorly implemented system where you can only move one or two screens at a time. In other words you must manually guide your character every couple of feet to reach his destination. A "friends" system is also included - sort of. Occasionally you will rescue a knight or a similar good guy and he will follow you to a certain place and "assist" in combat. The word assist is used in the loosest way possible considering their artificial intelligence and path finding is worse than your own character. No rest option was included either. This is a glaring issue and detracts greatly from how fun this game is to play considering how slowly your health regenerates. While not absolutely essential, having to walk away from a battle and sit still for five minutes while your health and mana regenerates is a nagging problem. It's only fair to mention that Black Isle has said this will be addressed in a future patch but as I write this no such patch has been released.

I somehow don't think a patch will cure Lionheart's many problems.

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