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Lionheart's Face Rocked at RPGDot

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Lionheart's Face Rocked at RPGDot

Review - posted by Spazmo on Sat 13 September 2003, 05:36:26

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

RPGDot have posted their review of Reflexive's game, Lionheart. They didn't much like it either--though whether they genuniely don't like it or if it's peer pressure, we will never know. It scored 60%.

Even in this early game, however, the problems pop up - so lets take a look at them. First up is the ridiculously difficult combat. Combat takes place in real-time, and, for lack of a better analogy, plays like Diablo. You left click to attack, right click to use magic, and use the number keys as hotkeys for spells and items. The system is quick and visceral, but highlights one of Lionheart's biggest problems - it's just not that fun. In Diablo, the fun of combat (if you like that sort of thing) is that you're insanely powerful - the game throws myriad enemies at you, and you mow them down. You may come up against something powerful enough to kill you, or even just enough enemies at a time that you need to use strategy to defeat them, but you can handle pretty much whatever the game throws your way. In Lionheart, you're frighteningly underpowered for pretty much the whole game, and constantly watching your experience for the next chance to level up. In combat areas (which, after you leave Barcelona, is pretty much everywhere), you have to creep forward, luring one or two enemies out at a time, and even then you'll be reloading more than you would have thought humanly possible.

I'd say the main difference between Diablo II and Lionheart is this: Lionheart sucks. Diablo II doesn't. Fairly straightforward, isn't it?

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