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Lionheart groin punched at Game Revolution

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Lionheart groin punched at Game Revolution

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 16 September 2003, 16:41:00

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Chaulk up another bad review for Lionheart, this one comes from Game Revolution where they give it a big, fat D rating. It's almost too painful to read, but I can't avoid watching the trainwrecks!

Overall, Lionheart is a big disappointment. Though it uses a decent RPG system, its poor balance, repetitive action and somewhat lame stab at rewriting history leads to a game no one should invest time or money in. Black Isle, we know you can do better than this, so get cracking on a real game.

Remember TORN? I wonder if Black Isle could really do better than this.

Spotted this at Blue's News, where the game was listed under Lionhead.

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