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Lionheart slapped around at Computer Games Online

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Lionheart slapped around at Computer Games Online

Review - posted by Ibbz on Fri 19 September 2003, 04:11:14

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Computer Games Online has reviewed Lionheart, rating it 66% which seems to be on par with just about every other review. Here's there conclusion:
Multiplayer may be fun, even if it's only cooperative. If you find three other friends you can really concentrate on building your character in just one direction but the ping is huge. I played around two hours and I gave up. Well, now there are two things troubling me. How is it possible for Black Isle Studios, known for their quality RPGs (Planescape: Torment, Fallout, Baldur's gate, Icewind Dale), to launch a title which, despite containing elements that should have given this game lots of fame, it doesn't manage to rise from the mediocrity of this year's RPG games? Why did we enjoy good RPGs last year like Dungeon Siege, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights and in 2003 we played just Mistmare and Harbinger? Oh, I forgot the jewel named Gothic 2...

mmmm mediocre goodness mmmmmmmm. I dont think we actually enjoyed Dungeon Siege either, more like saw the unrecognized potential.

Spotted at RPGDot.

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