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Lionheart savaged at Gamer's Pulse

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Lionheart savaged at Gamer's Pulse

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 23 September 2003, 16:21:15

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Gamer's Pulse has thrown their hat in to the ring against Lionheart with their review of the Black Isle and Reflexive title, concluding that the game is bland. Here's a bit on quests:

Obtaining quests is even more uninspiring than actually completing them. In order to receive quest proposals, you?ll have to speak with NPC's, trapping you in lengthy conversations demanding your attention and decision-making. Several other RPGs and adventure games have offered systems of conversational decision-making that have enhanced gameplay; however, Lionheart?s application of this only serves to make gameplay that much more tedious. Most of your time will be spent in conversations with NPC's and reading quest objectives instead of doing interesting things like battling enemies or journeying across picturesque environments.

Considering the whole second part of the game is nothing but battling enemies or journeying across picturesque environments..

Spotted this at Blue's News.

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