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Lionheart pulped by VideoGamesLife

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Lionheart pulped by VideoGamesLife

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 24 October 2003, 17:32:26

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

VideoGamesLife has done their review of Lionheart, spanking it down with a 55/100 rating, giving it low marks in every area but sound. Here's a clip of it:

An annoying quirk of the SPECIAL engine during the Fallout games was the limited interaction with NPC's that had joined your crusade. Only weapons and armour could be given but they had their own minds when it came to combat, which lead to them accidentally shooting you in the back. Unfortunately Lionheart takes a step backwards in this respect as communication is non-existent, equipment cannot be exchanged and they lack any sense of self-preservation. Coupled with real-time battles this usually leads to party members running around like a 3 year old child let loose in the world for the first time, only to wander off aimlessly and get splattered by a three ton truck or in this case, a tribe of goblins. This could've been partly forgiven if the NPC's had a fair amount of hit points to counter the lack of control over them but very few are of any use in this department. Nearly all potential party members encountered in Barcelona just won't survive past the half-way stage. Better equipped and stronger NPC's can be recruited later on but are nothing more than mindless drones with more hit points. Considering the advances Baldur's Gate 2 flaunted in terms of party intelligence several years ago, it beggars belief anyone could produce such pathetic AI like this.

Ugh.. Must I even point out what's wrong with the first sentence there?

Spotted this at Blue's News.

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