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Interplay thinks it's got a chance

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Interplay thinks it's got a chance

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 20 December 2003, 03:10:11

Tags: Interplay

Interplay has recently released some PR news to shareholders about how great they'll be doing, while making excuses for not anti-great they've done. Here's a clip:

"2003 has been a challenging period for the company. A down economy, a difficult legal dispute with our North American distributor, and the adventures always associated with being a game developer and publisher all presented obstacles for management and staff.

"Yet, our trend toward profitability is strong. Our sustained focus on cost control continues to improve our balance sheet position, while strategic sales of certain intellectual properties and development of key franchise titles drive our revenue. We also purchased certain gaming rights, extended the contracts on others, and re-energized some familiar Interplay brands.

Okay, first off, the down economy thing might have worked at the beginning of the year, but as of now, we're in a upclimb on the economy. Retail spending has been up most of the year, been up recently too, and games are retail, minions of Lord Caen.

Your trend towards profitability is much like a like a brain tumor's trend towards healthy cell mass. After all, you've lost more this year than last.

Lastly, your re-energizing familiar brand names.. Well, we all know about the cancelling of Fallout 3 and Baldur's Gate 3, don't we? That's got me feeling energized, I must say.

Oh yeah, and you have to love the random letters used to generate the web page for this PR bit. Just mouse over the article's URL. It seems even the cosmos is against you now.

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