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More on Flatspace, some questions and stuff

More on Flatspace, some questions and stuff

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 31 December 2003, 14:29:57

Tags: Cornutopia Software; Flatspace; Mark Sheeky

That's right, for people who want to know more about Flatspace, Mark Sheeky of Cornutopia was foolish enough to submit to my Evil Questions of Despair! Here's a taste of the pain:

7.) Asteriod mining and scavenging is one of the career paths most traders that have it seem to neglect. Can you tell us how this works in Flatspace? What is there to make this interesting for players? Can you do this with any ship if it has the right outfits?

It's hard to make mining interesting isn't it? In Flatspace you can fit a variety of tractor beams that you can use to suck in bits of rock, or anything else like cargo pods or even whole ships. Some beams will refine as they assimilate (eg. ores to metals), some will safely bring people aboard and some will mince them for sale as meat. Any ship can have a scoop/tractor and some of the more expensive ones are small enough to fit into a fighter so you can become a true pirate. Killing traders and taking the cargo is more interesting than mining for sure.

I actually enjoy mining in this game, truthfully. It's one of the few space traders where I have a bit of fun doing it. The fact you can suck up whole ships is just good, clean fun.

Oh yeah, Mark also sent a picture with the answers:

Nice box art!

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