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Interplay just... won't... give... up!

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Interplay just... won't... give... up!

Company News - posted by Spazmo on Thu 15 April 2004, 03:51:20

Tags: Fallout 3 (Van Buren); Interplay

Duck and Cover and No Mutants Allowed are reporting that our pals at Interplay have let slip news of a handful of new games during a stockholder's meet.

Here's what IPLY stockholder zorrelak69, who apparently attended the stockholder's meeting, reports:

Caen mentioned a handful of projects in developed/to be developed. He mentioned Fallout 3 (PC), Kingpin (PC/Xbox), Fallout: New Action RPG game- not a sequel to FOBOS (Xbox/PS2), Exhaulted (PS2/Xbox), Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 3, Earthworm Jim. I asked a question about Fallout 3, and Caen said it will be published by Interplay and developed by an external development studio. (I'm guessing Trokia Games/Silver Style)

Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale PC rights and D&D rights traded in for the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance trademark. [...]

400,000 units shipped of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and 300,000 units shipped of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Sales for both titles seem strong.

The company made $3.3 million for the quarter and $1.3 million for the year. The company is looking for external sources of financing to help fund development of the upcoming titles they have. Caen said he expects Fiscal Year 2004 to be profitable as well, as long as the appropriate funding is receiving. He mentioned possibly methods will be selling of IPs, and/or debt and equity.

Fallout 3 coming after all? Silver Style to develop? I have to say, that'd really, really piss me off if it was true. As for Troika, I hope they won't be silly enough to go back to IPLY. It'd be much like a beaten wife who refuses to press charges. "He doesn't hate me, he's just had a bad day..."
Spotted at: Duck and Cover

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