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RPGamer Impressed by The Witcher

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RPGamer Impressed by The Witcher

Preview - posted by Exitium on Wed 26 May 2004, 18:23:44

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

RPGamer has released their impressions of the upcoming Polish RPG, The Witcher and needless to say, they're very impressed. Here's a scoop:

The combat system slightly resembles NeverWinter Nights or Diablo, but brings in a customizable combat queue to allow variation in attacks. Finishing moves display attention directly to gore, but allow even more diversity in combat. Following a battle, your health and fatigue bars consistently rise. Meditation also helps in speeding up this process.

From what I've seen, the interface looked quaint and easy to use. Your mouse will control everything, but you have the option to use default keyboard controls or setup your own. DirectX 9 is used in conjunction with the original engine to improve the particle, lighting, and water visuals. The game is set to please the eyes.​
That's actually the gist of the impressions they had from The Witcher. Now you don't have to visit them.

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