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Interplay not entirely homeless

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Interplay not entirely homeless

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 2 June 2004, 21:09:47

Tags: Interplay

It would appear Odin's source wasn't entirely correct about Interplay getting kicked to the curb as the offices are still open today, however there are few signs of life. As Sean K. Reynolds pointed out in this thread(Thanks, JimmyJay86) about the news item on No Mutants Allowed:

Well, Interplay isn't evicted yet.

In any case, I gave notice today.

However, one of the morons investors over at the IPLY Raging Bull Forum points out in this post, no one is answering the phone there:

called Interplay. the phone rings and there answering machine picks up. But there was no receptionist on the line, at least when I called. I was given the option to leave a message. NOt sure what it means that there phones are still on.

Of course, it only gets more funny from there when you read that the morons investors are taking the silence from the company as a good thing instead of wondering where the hell that way overdue earnings report is.

Anyway, good luck to Sean on finding a new job and to the rest of the employees there who are searching.

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