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Interplay has a plan!

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Interplay has a plan!

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 23 June 2004, 14:28:23

Tags: Interplay

According to one of the investors and Luke Haase, Interplay finally has a plan. No, it's not a secret plan, and yes, I can tell you:

I emailed Luke Haase, Interplay's investor relations person, to try to get a sense of where things are at with Interplay. He said that Interplay has a checklist of events that they are working on. He said first order of business was getting worker's comp back, which Interplay did. He said the next task is for Interplay to work out a deal with their previous landlord (which supposedly Interplay is working on). Then, he said Interplay would seek to obtain a new lease (note the word "seek"). After that, they would work to bring back their employees (note the word "work"). Luke said that the final step would be for Herve to seek/close a deal or deals that would give Interplay financing going forward. None of this sounded all that encouraging to me, too many steps, and too many places where things could get tangled up. Seems to me they should first close a deal to get financing, which would encourage investors and help bring back employees or allow them to hire on new employees. This whole process is about the most ridiculous comedy of errors I have ever seen.
With a plan like that, Interplay is going to be back in business in no time.

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