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Gaider on clerics and divine magic

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Gaider on clerics and divine magic

None - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 5 July 2004, 18:27:40

Tags: BioWare; David Gaider

Well, it's a slow day, but then again, I always prefer these kinda news to reviews written by some morons at GameSomething. Since it's likely that David Gaider's ideas would be reflected in Dragon Age, you might as well get an early warning:

I find the D&D cleric kind of strange, myself, and it's put some funny notions in the minds of gamers.

For instance, why are religious spellcasters the only source of healing? I could see that if their god was one of mercy or healing specifically, but for most of our own history most major religions were renown for anything but mercy or healing.

I mean, not saying that this is what we do in DA, but if you were to give a generic "divine" magic to clerics so that they were able to do what they do better, we'd be talking about spells of charisma, mass influence and showy miracles, no?

I like the idea of clerics having magic to suit their individual god, but that does of course presume the existance of a pantheon.

At the very least, since religion exists as such a large part of any medieval-esque society, those that serve said religion should both reflect that power and have abilities that service the dogma and nature of that religion. Meaning they (and the religion) should exist in the context of the world and its history first and their place in an adventuring party second. But that's all I'm going to say about that.
Tying clerics' powers and abilities to their deities and religions is definitely a good idea. Discuss!

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