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Dead Alfs 2k on DivDiv

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Dead Alfs 2k on DivDiv

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 23 October 2002, 18:08:59

Tags: Divine Divinity

Dead Alfs 2000 has posted a rather interesting review of Divine Divinity. The reviewer seemed quite impressed with the game, and gave it an 8/10. Here's the openning:

Ever wanted an RPG that blends all the action qualities of titles such as Diablo 2, with the more traditional role-playing experience offered by the Ultima series?! Well, Divine Divinity purports to be just that very thing, enabling the old twitchy RPG veterans to get their fix, while not alienating newcomers to the genre. An RPG for the masses if you like.

First impressions will inevitably be that Divine Divinity is nothing more than a Diablo 2 clone, after all, it adopts the same isometric view, uncannily familiar blue and red bars for mana/health and dare I say it, even the font used for items, NPCs etc.. is very Diablo 2esque! Importantly though, it plays and feels nothing like it.​

I got the same impression of the game, especially at the beginning which has a lengthy dungeon crawl part to it.

I spotted this at RPGDot

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