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Baldur's Gate in GameSpy's Hall of Fame

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Baldur's Gate in GameSpy's Hall of Fame

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 19 August 2004, 19:20:52

Tags: Baldur's Gate; BioWare

GameSpy has added Baldur's Gate to their Hall of Fame thingy, and posted a 3-page overview to remind folks how it "almost single-handedly revitalized the computer RPG genre".

And finally, a stroke of brilliance: The action in the game was real-time, but could be paused with the spacebar in order to queue up your characters' actions. This combination of real-time and turn-based play meant that BioWare didn't have to muck up the core rules, but that the game would roll along smoothly. Smart! And an innovation that carried on to other hit BioWare games years later...


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