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noeGNUd 0.8.3 released

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noeGNUd 0.8.3 released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 29 August 2004, 03:17:31

Tags: Nethack

noeGNUd, the 2D/3D and improved user interface version of Nethack has been released. While not much of an update, the author is saying that more substantial updates will follow. This version mainly includes the ability to play the latest versions of Nethack and the uber-varient SLASHEM:

  • nethack-3.4.3 support
  • slashem-0.0.7e5 support
  • slashem-0.0.7e6 support
  • bugfix: [ 865819 ] ugly crash on "tile not found" - made "nethack" the default tileset, not absurd - slashem-0.0.7e6f2 support
  • added "traditional" key/menuitem binding mode, and made it the default

Yup, pretty minimal, but it's progress.

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