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H-World revolves to 0.3.9

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H-World revolves to 0.3.9

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 14 September 2004, 15:06:29

Tags: H-World

H-World, that rogue-like engine with isometric graphics, has been updated to version 0.3.9 - which includes a demo rogue-like entitled The Jungle, as always. As the author puts it, it's slowly getting a game. Here's the changes:

New features

- "book of memories" keeps track of quests and events (press M to open the book). This feature needs some finetuning, but works quite nicely already.
- toggleable map grid (press # to toggle)
- scripteable (stateful) AI: A monster can define Lua scripts to work as AI elements. An example for sleeping/waking up is included. Probaly it needs some finetuning.
- first magic sound item


- adjusted gems trading values
- Lua scripts (e.g. dialogs and usages) can write quest and events into the book of memories
- containers generate contained items with the magic attribute settings of the level
- room templates can now define placement of traps and triggers. No examples yet, will be added to documentation, soon.
- room templates can now define the visual appearance of doors

Fixed problems

- potion of blindness description fixed
- emptying potions should work again, for all potion types
- gems can only be dropped on socketed items now
- closing the mini map window doesn't leave a screen area that is redrawn twice​

Get back to work on the SPACE GAME, Hajo!

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