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None - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 19 October 2004, 16:58:25

Tags: RPG Codex

Yup, October 19th again. We're two years old now. In accordance with Spazmo's tradition of listing who we've pissed off in the last year, here's the small list:
  • Countless Morrowind fans
  • Silver Style Entertainment
  • Fans of Silver Style Entertainment
  • Even more NWN fans than last year
  • Pete Hines of Bethesda(Well, Exitium thinks so and I'm padding the list)
  • LARPS fags
  • D.W. Bradley
  • INTERPLAY! (Two years running, baby!)
  • Sony Entertainment PR(due to me responding to their press release with Are you guys ever going to make a REAL RPG?)
  • Mr. Teatime of Duck and Cover by making fun of his piano skills.
  • Taluntain, our host, by raiding his IRC channel and annoying his ops.
  • Lots more who haven't told us they were pissed off, because they were too pissed off to say so!

So, it's a brand new year now, and given the trends in CRPGing, it's sure to be a crap shoot on who we'll annoy next!

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